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Conjuring love

I think what manifests results in our lives is pretty simple – readiness, intention (showing a willingness to engage in the process of getting what you want), and attention (so that you recognize it when it shows up). The beauty of ritual is that it helps us clarify what we want.

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Synastry: Celebrities you love

Last night, I caught a documentary about the late actor and monologist Spalding Gray. It reminded me how much I adored him – that is, as much as you can adore someone you’ve never met and don’t know in any intimate way. Watching Spalding Gray perform a monologue made my …

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In lieu of an actual post…

Random announcements and shameless hucksterism! – I’ve posted a new/old article on the timeless subject of choosing wedding dates with astrology. The article originally appeared in the Llewellyn Moon Sign book approximately a hundred years ago, and I’m publishing it on the site now because my contract says I can. …

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