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Pisces Full Moon: The World Without Us

At the Pisces Full Moon, we’re also reminded that “dust we are, and to dust we shall return.” Virgo, who holds strong opinions about dust, shudders at the very idea. But our wise Pisces natures shrug in cheerful acceptance of life’s inherent messiness, the missed deadlines, the world in disarray, and the house that needs dusting.

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Pisces New Moon: Lilies of the Field

Several times each week I put away my brain and my clever, touch-typing fingers and I break out The Nap. For a brief, luxurious time, I let go of the past that propels me so punishingly in the present. For awhile, my imagination is freed from the constrictions of the identity I’ve created for myself.

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Pisces New Moon: Xanadu

Under Neptune’s enchantment, we imagine our own Xanadu, our mystical dream world of utter bliss. It’s the gift of this New Moon season, then, to build our castles in the air, and to dream of living in them full time

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