Moonshadow Eclipse Report


Where has your life reached a turning point? And… haven’t you been here before? Eclipses often signal a change that you didn’t see coming. But each eclipse is part of a larger cycle that is played out over the course of a lifetime. “Followed by a Moonshadow” shows you when the previous installments of this year’s saga played out, so you can be prepared for what lies aheadThis unique, 40+-page computerized report is personalized to your unique birth chart and tells you:

  • Where and When: Eclipse degrees for last year (context), this year, and next year; houses and planets in your birth chart impacted by each eclipse; and previous years when eclipses made aspects to these parts of your chart.
  • Interpretations: Thought-provoking, easy-to-understand interpretations of eclipses transiting the houses of your birth chart and in aspect to your natal planets.
  • Guidance: Step through forgotten signposts in your past to help you understand the transitions you are making today.
  • Sensitive Prenatal Eclipse Points – The “Shadow of the Hawk”: Your prenatal eclipse points and your own personal predator.

Learn to read and understand the meanings of these dramatic, little-explored eclipse cycles in your astrology chart, with a “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report.

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Bonus Report

Pay for a “Moonshadow” Report and receive my e-booklet, “5 Steps to Fear-Free Eclipses: A quick, complete, and totally zombie-free guide to understanding the astrology of eclipses,” as your bonus gift!

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Since this report is based on your individual birth chart, it is NOT available for immediate download. Your report will be prepared and EMAILED within 24 hours of receiving your payment.

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“April’s Moonshadow eclipse report allowed me to understand and reframe one of the most challenging relationship endings of my life. Seeing the event in the context of an eclipse fall out helped me not only make sense of what had happened, but to see the soul lessons I was to glean from that ending. The report is simply uncanny in its accuracy. – Lori Ann Lothian, Creator of Flowmagic™ and Huffington Post blogger

Wow! I wish I had had this report earlier in my life! I’ve read my Moonshadow report twice despite my busy summer! –  M.C.

Excellent. I loved reading through it, definite value for money, lots of really good info and interactive as well. I greatly appreciate your frank, down to earth approach. I especially enjoyed reading the clear cut pre-natal eclipse info. Fascinating in that it’s so true for me, that I realized I’d forgotten to be able to clearly articulate it for myself in midlife. It was so refreshing to have these basic ideas spelled out so clearly. –  C.D.

Fascinating stuff, particularly the prenatal eclipse data. It was so on the money. I derived a lot of insight from it. –  S.S.