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New Moon in Gemini: Road Trip

It’s so easy to trivialize Gemini, to dismiss it as a fickle, gossipy, lightweight sign. But that is a young person’s way of looking at it, the perspective of someone who hasn’t yet learned about the tyranny of definition.

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Capricorn New Moon: The Year of Maybe

Maybe just for a little while, come in out of the cold, where you’ve been rowing hard, for a long time. Sit by the fire with loved ones and rest a little bit. You’ve come a long way, and now is the time to figure out the next chapter of your story—to figure out when to say “yes,” when to say “no,” and when it’s best to just say “maybe.”

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Virgo New Moon: A Grand Mess

When you get right down to it, life is a grand mess – and in fact, it’s kind of beautiful that way. Maybe everything is already perfect, just as it is, and your only job is to figure out your place in it, and to do the best you can with what you’ve been given.

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