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Libra Full Moon: Befriending the Enemy

When I think about befriending people whose opinions, lifestyles, or politics are abhorrent to me, some flinty part of me digs in its heels and refuses to give in, loathe to give the impression of surrender. Why do most of us find it so difficult to befriend our enemies—and why is that those with Libra prominent in their birth charts often succeed where we fail?…

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Libra Full Moon: Passion and Prudence

Libra may have more perspective than Aries, but not necessarily greater clarity about what to pursue. In fact, Libra can find herself overwhelmed by these possibilities, weighing first one, then the other… until Aries is jumping up and down in frustration: ‘Just! Choose! One!’

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Libra New Moon: Go Gently

“Going gently” sums up Libra’s approach to the world. It appears as elegant touches in unexpected places,  moving with grace, choosing the nice shirt, setting things down carefully, coaxing the cat. It’s in the little ways of approaching life with a spirit of beauty and grace, smoothness and quiet.

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