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In lieu of an actual post…

Random announcements and shameless hucksterism!

– I’ve posted a new/old article on the timeless subject of choosing wedding dates with astrology. The article originally appeared in the Llewellyn Moon Sign book approximately a hundred years ago, and I’m publishing it on the site now because my contract says I can. Here ’tis…

– To my burgeoning arsenal of personal astrology reports for sale, I’ve added the Simpatico relationship report with text by Bernie Ashman. (Despite the catchy title, it’s not written in Spanish – not that there’s anything wrong with that). I like Ashman’s writing, and this is one of the few reports out there that gives a delineation of the composite chart (for the uninitiated: the composite chart is a third chart derived from combining two natal charts. Yes, it’s two, two, two charts in one!). More and more I find I don’t have the patience for synastry (for the still uninitiated – who are by now wondering why they ever read my boring-ass blog at all – synastry refers to comparing one person’s planetary placements with those of another person), but I always refer to the composite chart when I’m choosing wedding dates and the like. It’s a neat way to look at a relationship – as a separate, almost palpable entity with its own chart. It’s alive!

– My book‘s coming out in a couple of weeks and I’m planning a virtual launch party and various other nakedly desperate promotional gestures. Stay (breathlessly) tuned for details!

– Finally – eclipse season is nigh upon us (February 7 and 20), so think about grabbing a copy of my Moonshadow Eclipse Report to help you ride the waves.

2 comments to " In lieu of an actual post… "

  • Hi April
    Is it my imagination, or did the folks at “L” do a revise on your book title? I like it…because who doesn’t respond to living happily ever after! Much felicity and fete-ing in this season of your book!

  • Thanks, Natori! Yes, the subtitle was strictly their idea – so they deserve all the credit (or blame, depending on who you talk to!). I actually had quite an unpleasant visceral reaction to the use of the word “horoscope” in the subtitle, which I think is quite misleading… but then as a professional astrologer, perhaps I have quite a different understanding of that word than the average reader. But indeed, “happily ever after” is worth wishing for – even for writers launching books! Thanks for your warm good wishes. 🙂

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