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Lunar Eclipses and Relationships

Romantic partnerships are not the only relationships in our lives (just the ones we’re most likely to be obsessed about). What will this eclipse say about the 99.999% of the relationships in our lives that don’t involve yearning looks across a crowded room or intimate physical contact?

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Eclipses in Natal Houses: Dancing in the Dark

The cycle of eclipses moving through the houses of the horoscope presents opportunities for understanding and healing. Each house axis represents where you face a critical turning point, a “crisis” in their life. Using eclipses, it’s pretty easy to pinpoint the source of the crisis….

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Eclipses: Defending Your Life

Imagine viewing scenes from five days of your life: The days on which, at 19-year intervals, solar eclipses conjoined that planet in your birth chart. You were at a turning point, struggling to overcome one of your darkest fears. What events defined these turning points, and how effectively did you handle your fear?

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