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Follow Your Personal Eclipse Cycles

Followed by a Moonshadow” is a 40+ page report examining eclipse patterns in your birth chart. Includes eclipses for last year, this year, and next year, with aspects to planets in your birth chart, house placements, and the prenatal eclipse point. Learn how to follow these dramatic, little-explored eclipse cycles in your own life, with a “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report. $35 brings you three years of eclipses!

“April’s Moonshadow eclipse report allowed me to understand and reframe one of the most challenging relationship endings of my life. Seeing the event in the context of an eclipse fall out helped me not only make sense of what had happened, but to see the soul lessons I was to glean from that ending. The report is simply uncanny in its accuracy.” – Lori Ann Lothian, Creator of Flowmagic™ and Huffington Post blogger

Details, excerpt, & ordering info

next solar eclipse:

Oct 2, 2024

at 10.04 Libra

  • 11:49 am PDT
  • 2:49 pm EDT
  • 7:49 pm BST
  • 4:49 am AEST (Oct 3)

next lunar eclipse:

Sep 17, 2024

Sun 25.41 Virgo

Moon 25.41 Pisces

  • 7:34 pm PDT
  • 10:34 pm EDT
  • 3:34 am BST (Sep 18)
  • 12:34 pm AEST (Sep 18)