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Personal Astrology Sessions

Finding meaning in the patterns of your life

Whether you’re looking for guidance to help you navigate rough waters, inspiration to reach for your most treasured goals, or just want to give yourself a treat, nothing beats having someone talk about you!

I’ll consult your birth chart, progressions, and transits to help you gain perspective on the present and to explore the rich territory and major goalposts that lie ahead.

Sessions are available by Zoom or phone. Schedule your appointment and make your payment using my online scheduler. Then, be sure to complete and return my reading questionnaire to help me prepare for our session and make sure we cover your most pressing concerns.

What an Astrology Session Can Offer You

Clarity and focus

In times of crisis, life can be an overwhelming jumble of changes and challenges. An astrology consultation can help you identify what’s most important and calculate a strategy for moving forward.

Insight and understanding

Every now and then – say, at your birthday – it can be nice to check in and get some perspective on your personal growth, career goals, and relationship issues. Astrology can help you gain much needed perspective on current cycles, opportunities, and challenges.


You’re suffering; how long will it last? When will you find a mate? A job? Astrology offers perspective on timing and answers about life’s biggest questions.

Better Questions

What can you learn from hard times? What is the right kind of mate for you? What is the work that will really reward and satisfy you?

From clients…

You have come into my life at the perfect time. Your reading with me helped put some pieces of my humanness in perspective and I have been feeling a little lighter and clearer in the world….

Your thoughts and perspectives took me on that proverbial rollercoaster ride of emotions. I need to listen to the recording again to hear the things you had to say while I was laughing or sobbing too hard to hear you…. From the depths of my heart, Thank you….

It was wonderful having my first professional reading with you. You created a comfortable, safe atmosphere where I felt at ease and able to open up. I’ll be in touch soon to schedule a followup!


The fine print:

  • I don’t currently do synastry/compatibility readings, but I’ll be happy to refer you to a colleague who loves doing this kind of work.
  • I can usually schedule your appointment within a couple of weeks, but there may be a bit more of a wait. If you need something sooner, please contact me before paying for a session so I can let you know if I’m able to fit you in.
  • Appointments are normally scheduled Tuesday-Friday between 10 am and 3 pm Pacific Time. If that won’t work for you, please contact me first to see if we can work something else out!