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Venus and Mars in Aries: Wild horses

Transiting Venus and Mars entered Aries last week, and over the past couple of days they made trines to Saturn in Sagittarius. Normally a deliberate and focused worker (with no Aries planets in my birth chart), I’ve had a devil of a time settling down and getting anything done.

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Full Moon in Aquarius: Looking for Lightning

Aquarius is an astrological change agent that works quite a lot like lightning; a fixed sign, it remains static for long stretches of time, as dependable and unchanging as a placid summer sky. But even while it’s standing still, Aquarius gathers energy like a cell phone plugged into its charger. When it accumulates too much, it needs to get rid of some – and it’s anyone’s guess where it will land.

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Conjuring love

I think what manifests results in our lives is pretty simple – readiness, intention (showing a willingness to engage in the process of getting what you want), and attention (so that you recognize it when it shows up). The beauty of ritual is that it helps us clarify what we want.

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