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About Me

Hi, I’m April. I’m an astrologer and author living in San Diego, California. My job: Use astrology to help clients better understand themselves and others, and to plot their life course. Captivated? Read on.

About Me

My name is April Elliott Kent. I’ve studied astrology since 1973 and have practiced professionally since 1990. I’m the author of three books: Astrological Transits (Fair Winds Press 2015), The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology (Alpha/Penguin 2011) and Star Guide to Weddings (Llewellyn Worldwide 2008). My astrological writing has also appeared in The Mountain Astrologer and Dell Horoscope magazines and Llewellyn’s annual Moon Sign, Sun Sign, and Sabbats Almanac books.

I founded my website,, during a long, slow summer vacation in 1999 and have kept it going ever since, I’m also a regular contributor to

I’ve lectured for numerous local astrology groups as well as the ISAR, SOTA, and United Astrological (UAC) conferences. A graduate of San Diego State University with honors in Communication, I’m also a member of ISAR, NCGR, AFAN, and OPA, and formerly served as President of the San Diego Astrological Society. I make my home in a crumbling 1923 bungalow in San Diego with my long-suffering husband.

The astrologer as a newborn

“It’s a big sky…there’s room for everyone.”

About the Site

When I waded into the waters of the internet, I debated what to call my first website. When I launched my astrology business years before, I had christened it “Gemini Moon.” That was fine for a business that focused on newsletters, teaching, and local clients. But somehow, a website begged for a larger, more Sagittarian name.

Now, this will be hard to comprehend for a generation of astrologers who cut their teeth on the internet, but in the dark, Paleolithic ages of the early 1990s, it was a lot more difficult to connect with fellow astrologers. Plus, as was ever thus and is still, my generation was trying to carve out a place amongst the deeply entrenched “old guard” of astrology, many of whom yielded no quarter.

Why, I wondered, did the business of astrology have to be so proprietary, so lacking in generosity? “It’s a big sky,” I often mused. “Surely there’s room for everyone.”

And that’s been the underlying ethos of Big Sky Astrology. There are as many ways to approach astrology as there are astrologers, but there’s a place for us all. And each of us has a story to tell – a unique contribution only we can make to astrology, and to the world.

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Surely there must be more!

You bet there is!

  • I’ve been publishing this website since 2000, so I’ve stockpiled a lot of stuff. You’ll find a ton of interesting things in the archives!
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  • Just beginning to learn astrology? There’s a page for that!
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We support the National Park Foundation!

Big Sky Astrology is a very proud supporter of the National Park Foundation!

Our national parks are among our country’s most beautiful and inspiring resources, and I’m forever grateful that my Taurus mother took us to visit as many of them as she could.

That’s why I make a monthly donation to the National Park Foundation. I hope you’ll consider joining me!