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Episode 49 | Saturn & Pluto Leave the Station


049 | Saturn & Pluto Leave the Station

April and Jen ring in October and their favorite season of the year! The Aries Harvest Full Moon is sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto, both leaving their retrograde hibernations. No sooner does Venus give Mars a big kiss than the warrior planet revisits one of his least favorite recent aspects, a square to Saturn. Venus cleans out her closets and visits (imaginary sponsor) The Container Store, and Pluto moves direct on the degree of his January rendezvous with Saturn. Also: April has a close call with a second Saturn Return, Jen celebrates a Solar Return, and… what is a profection, anyway?

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00:30 – April and Jen love October! Why not celebrate, and ring in the season? Happy harvest!

02:18 – Venus kicks off the week (Sept. 28) by connecting well with a retrograde (Rx) Mars on the Sabian symbol for 26 Leo, “A rainbow”; Mars is on 26 Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” The Venus/Mars cycle gives us information about what we want and how we take action to get it. What do you really want? What would you fight for? It’s possible to make something good of this trine with just a little effort. (Listen to Episode 39 and Episode 21 for our first discussion of these symbols. And to hear our Libra-centric episodes, review Episode 48; you can also can donate $5 or more to hear our Libra Equinox episode from last week and to receive an invitation for our upcoming solstice/equinox episodes.)

06:26 – Saturn turns direct at 25.20 Capricorn (Sep. 28)! April came thisclose to having a second pass of her second Saturn return! How has April’s near collision with Saturn been this time around? (And do check out April’s fantastic book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. Did we mention Oprah Magazine?)

09:25 – Lend your ears to April’s interview on The Sixty Project! (And look! We “linked it in the show notes!” 😂)

11:25 – Where were we? Saturn’s facing forward – after moving backwards since May 20 – on the Sabian symbol, “A water sprite.” Get out in nature. Be authentic. Maybe frolic a little?… you know, in a Saturn-in-Capricorn working kind of way? It’s a good time to revisit Saturn themes around the boundaries that we set for our life and the ambitions we have. Hopefully that little water sprite will enjoy himself on the 28th because the very next day…

13:24 – …Mars Rx squares Saturn (Sep. 29) for the second of three times at 25.20 Aries/Cap (the first was on Aug. 24). This combination can be frustrating, but luckily, the Sabian symbols are nice: Once again, Mars is on “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” And Saturn is on “A water sprite.” Do we have too many irons in the fire? How will you spend your finite resources, like time and physical energy? (We can bid adieu and Godspeed to the third square on Jan. 13, 2021.)

17:36 – ** MOONWATCH! ** We welcome a Harvest Full Moon at 9.08 Aries (Oct. 1) on the Sabian symbol for 10 Aries, “A man teaching new forms for old symbols.” The Libran Sun is on, “A canoe approaching safety through dangerous rapids.” This lunation harkens back to March 2020; since then we’ve been learning to blaze new trails, living in strange times. The symbols speak to learning how to do things differently; luckily, safety is approaching. This lunar phase is part of a family that also began in April 2019.

22:20 – To hear more about the Aries/Libra polarity, donate $5 or more and you will gain access to our Sept. 22 special Libra Equinox episode! As a bonus, you’ll receive our upcoming solstice/equinox episodes, as well as help us cover operating expenses! Win-win.

23:16 – Jen is having a solar return! April shows us how to look at a solar return chart, using Jen as a guinea pig volunteer. (To hear more info on solar returns, go to Episode 37. To hear the first time the hilarious phrase “Sagittarius rising, everything else falling down” was used, go to Episode 40. Of course, don’t forget to pick up your copy of the informative solar return birthday report. And please note: An exact, precise birth time IS needed! No guessing allowed for this one!)

30:50 – What are profections? Here’s a friendly introductory article from our friend Kelly Surtees!

31:40 – Venus enters Virgo (Oct. 2), the sign of her fall, where she begins paring down and organizing. She will be there through Oct. 27. Curate your life, just like The Minimalists.

34:40 – Last – but certainly NOT least! – we have Pluto turning direct at 22.29 Capricorn (Oct. 4). When Pluto stands still in the sky, we feel his energy for a few days before and after the station: What is most important, and how can you empower yourself? Pluto has been Rx since April 25, and stations on the same degree where he met up with Saturn in January 2020. (To hear more about that meet-up, listen to Episode 8, Episode 7, and/or Episode 6. And to hear more about Pluto in general, listen to Episode 29.)

37:23 – Please note: April & Jen decided to revise the names of some of their earlier episodes to include astrological things. #SorryNotSorry. Perhaps you’d like to feast your ears on our early podpal adventures:

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  • Well, the Mars/Venus today explains why I could no longer resist pouring out a dozen haiku or more that had been piling up in my brain about katanas and tantos I see all the time on a special Facebook page about the famous Japanese swordsmith Yoshikazu Yoshihara. When I saw the latest photo, I just stopped everything and started writing. Poetry is one of those things that people think aren’t worth their time or energy compared to other things, but today it was irresistible!

  • Jodie

    Question: If my birth certificate says 10:00 pm exactly, would you believe it was accurate, or do you think doctors were in the habit of rounding off? I was born in 1960 and practices might have been less particular then. Have you seen birth certificates of older eras being vague?

    • Jen Braun

      Thanks for the question, Jodie! April and I answer this question on our next show (episode 53)… so stay tuned, and thanks for listening! 😊

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