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Episode 40 | Mars vs. Saturn, Virgo vs. Sagittarius, April vs. Gravity


040 | Mars vs. Saturn, Virgo vs. Sagittarius, April vs. Gravity

It’s a busy week in the big sky, and in true Sun-in-Virgo form, April and Jen run down a checklist of planetary highlights: Mars runs into Saturn’s upturned palm, but learns something that will lead to a positive, North Node outcome. The First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius tells the Sun in Virgo to stop waiting for things to be perfect before taking a chance. Mercury and Venus cross-pollinate most of the Solar System, including shared aspects to think-big Jupiter and drowsy Neptune. Also: ladders, boots, and (inevitably) kittens.

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00:28 – Life goes up, and life goes down… through it all, it’s nice to have a pal to chat with. Do check out the BSA podcast page, where we now bring you essays, along with the usual weekly podcast and transcripts of each episode.

05:15 – The first of three squares between Mars and Saturn arrives (Aug. 24)! The planet of action is stymied, and we might find we have to push ourselves a bit to make progress. The Sabian symbol for Mars at 27 Aries is “A lost opportunity regained in the imagination.” Saturn is on 27 Capricorn “A mountain pilgrimage.” Jen shares how her life-changing injury reminds her of these two symbols. In other words, these boots are made for walking.

10:07 – Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus (Aug. 25), which is on the Sabian Symbol for 11 Taurus, “a woman sprinkling flowers.” This is an opportunity to take something that you do regularly and see it in a new way. The trine is a quiet voice of innovation, whereas the recent square between these two planets might have felt more like a wake-up call.

12:04 – Mercury trines Jupiter in Capricorn (Aug. 29) on the Sabian symbol for 18 Virgo “An Ouija board,” which can give everyday happenings a spiritual flavor. It’s a good day to get the word out! (Listen to Episode 10, Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day for more on the Pisces/Virgo polarity.)

13:58 – Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces (Aug. 30). This might feel a bit like a Mercury retrograde, so it’s not the best day to think clearly. A great day for visualization, meditation, and tapping into spirituality, though!

15:15 – There is a pragmatic Grand Earth Trine for a couple of weeks, starting Aug. 25. This forms a triangle between Jupiter in Capricorn, Uranus in Taurus, and Mercury/Sun in Virgo. What are you envisioning? Write it down; give it form.

15:47 – ** Moonwatch! ** A First Quarter Moon (FQM) at 2.59 Sagittarius (Aug. 25) is on the Sabian symbol, “Two men playing chess,” which speaks to a battle of intellects. During this season of Virgo self-improvement, it’s a good time to take action to organize in a useful way… but don’t take things too seriously. Sag reminds us: Just make a beginning. (To hear more about the juggling story, go to Episode 39, Leo New Moon: A Rainbow at Daybreak.) Quote of the week goes to April: “Sagittarius rising, everything else falling down!”

21:11 – A good book on Neptune is Steven Forrest’s The Book of Neptune. (FYI: We get no $$ from this mention – just the satisfaction of turning you on to something marvelous!)

21:43 – Adventure versus caution: Venus opposes Jupiter in Capricorn (Aug. 25) on 18 Cancer, “A hen scratching for her chicks.” But even in Venus in Cancer’s lovely, protective home, its opposition to Pluto (Aug. 30) is a reminder of the daunting outside world.

24:22 – Thankfully, Venus also trines Neptune (Aug. 27) on 20 Cancer, “Gondoliers in serenade.” Neptune is on 20 Pisces “A table set for an evening meal.” Find ways to harmonize with the world around you.

25:46 – Finally, Mars in Aries makes an opportunity aspect to the North Node of the Moon in Gemini (Aug. 25). Even though it may seem that things are not flowing smoothly, you’re building muscles and moving forward on a path of curiosity and new learning environments. Difficult situations can sometimes take us in directions that we couldn’t have otherwise imagined for ourselves.

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