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Episode 39 | Leo New Moon: A Rainbow at Daybreak


039 | Leo New Moon: A Rainbow at Daybreak

April & Jen have a purrfect cattitude this week! Meet our latest podpet, “mews” upon the Leo New Moon, and learn about yods. And later in the week, we welcome Virgo season as the Sun and Mercury enter the sign of soulful self-improvement. And the latest in our planetary return series, as April has a Venus return! Plus: Skittles, juggling, and hey – where’d you get your name?

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00:30 – Everything’s coming up kitties! April’s fondest feline dreams came true last week with two new podpets, one of whom seems to harbor podcasting ambitions. Sorry, kid, you’re too small for headphones.

05:23 – Cazimi! Mercury conjoins the Sun (Aug. 17) at 25°09’ Leo on the Sabian symbol “a rainbow.” Anticipate brilliant, beautiful insights, and enjoy a handful of Skittles.

07:55 – Mercury and the Sun are the apex of a yod with Neptune in Pisces and the Capricorn crew (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn). What is a yod, anyway? And which finger is doing the pointing?!

12:16 – Here is the NASA link, which also features monthly skywatching tips.

12:45 – Grab your checklist and get organized: Mercury enters Virgo (Aug. 19) for a short stay (until Sept. 5). Learn the difference between Gemini and Virgo, Mercury’s two natural places of residence. This would also be a good time to learn to juggle!

17:13 – Venus in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus (Aug. 18): Be on the lookout for Your People and for social opportunities, even if only online.

18:56 – Collect the whole set of personal planetary returns! April talks about Venus Returns, even as she experiences her own! To hear April and Jen’s most recent episode on planetary returns, go to Episode 37, Full Moon in Aquarius & Many Happy (Solar) Returns.

21:25 – ** Moonwatch! ** Take heart: A beautiful, warm, hopeful New Moon arrives at 26°35’ Leo (Aug. 18) on the Sabian symbol “Daybreak.” Will a new day dawn when April and Jen don’t sing on an episode? (Spoiler alert: Probably not!) This ties in nicely to the earlier symbol of “a rainbow” – both have that sense of possibility. With its ties to other points – Mars and the North Node – our actions and activities are guided in a lovely, helpful way.

26:33 – Check out the brand-new newsfeed feature on the BSA podcast page! Read all the latest goings-on, including Jen’s Leo New Moon essay and April’s weekly articles. Yay!

27:31 – It’s time for the harvest: The Sun enters Virgo (Aug. 22)! Separate the wheat from the chaff, and think about what adjustments you can make to improve yourself and your world. (Return to Episode 10, Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day if you’d like to hear more about the Virgo/Pisces polarity.)

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2 comments to " Episode 39 | Leo New Moon: A Rainbow at Daybreak "

  • Sherry25

    What a great weekly forecast, ladies. You both inspired me to “get it done!” Just love the vibe and organization of our celestial bodies in the universe. this week. In my opinion, they are giving us so much to work with in such a positive way, as long as we assert ourselves. So, I’m rollin’ up my sleeves and just lovin’ that Mercury in Virgo until September 5th. Woohoo! 😉

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