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Episode 4 | The Capricorn Solstice Is Frequently Sunny in Minneapolis

As April bravely endures a bone-chilling, 55-degree day in San Diego, she and Jen discuss the Capricorn Solstice, Venus in Aquarius (she wants her space), and this week’s Last Quarter Moon. Plus: Podpets on the move, more about square aspects, a preview of the upcoming eclipse, and a courageous attempt to explain mutual reception with a housesitting analogy.

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01:50 – What do fireplaces, Girl Scouts, Richard Nixon, and Vienna sausages have in common?

05:18 – Last Quarter Moon in Virgo is time for taking stock and assessing progress. It’s a melancholy, self-critical phase, so take it easy and…

06:52 – Say three good things about yourself!

10:47 – What was the Lunar Phase at your birth? New Mooner Jen marches to her own drummer, and Last Quarter-born April is always looking over her shoulder.

13:40 – Mercury square Neptune is like trying to do math when you’re still waking up from a nap.

17:38 – Venus + Uranus = Independence, space, and breathing room. And here is the link to April’s Venus in Aquarius article.

20:00 – All this talk of independence has our podpets on the move! What Venus and Uranus share in common, how they’re different, and what mutual reception has to do with housesitting.

23:38 – Here comes the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, and the Summer Solstice for the southern hemisphere!

25:57 – The Sun reaches its minimum elevation at noon in the northern hemisphere. From here, there’s nowhere to go but up.

28:41 – April and Jen set you up a little for the upcoming solar eclipse on December 25th. Calculate your birth chart here. And this blog post will help you find where the eclipse falls in your birth chart.

32:01 – Shameless plug for April’s personal eclipse report. Read all about it!

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