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Episode 37 | Full Moon in Aquarius & Many Happy (Solar) Returns


037 | Full Moon in Aquarius & Many Happy (Solar) Returns

April & Jen: The Musical! – is brought to you by a disruptive Full Moon in Aquarius, tight-lipped Mercury falling on Saturn’s deaf ears, Mars square Jupiter, Mercury in Leo (hence this episode’s festive tone) and Venus joining the North Node before entering cozy, home-loving Cancer. Also, for your learning pleasure, a mini-class on solar returns! And, someone is having a birthday! Can you say carrot cake?

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00:33 – April launches another trip around the Sun on Aug. 5, and all of us at the BSA Podcast would like to wish her a happy birthday! (Note: “All of us” includes one person and two furry co-workers. 😊)

01:36 – Previous episodes about planetary returns include Episode 11, Saturn Returns We’ve Known and “Loved” and lunar returns on Episode 20, Libra Full Moon: A Magic Carpet Ride.

02:02 – Let’s talk Solar Returns! What are they? What do they tell us? How are they calculated? And can you really get a better year by spending your birthday somewhere else? You can order your Solar Return birthday report here, even if it’s not your birthday! And, in other news this week, April’s birthday is also National Work Like a Dog Day and National Underwear Day! *giggling*

09:37 – ** Moonwatch! ** This week there is a Full Moon at 11.46 Aquarius (Aug. 3) on the Sabian symbol “People on stairs graduated upward.” Perhaps this speaks of vision – can the people on the top can see farther? And the Sun is on “An evening lawn party.” A charming symbol, and both are about groups of people, so it must be nice, right…?

11:01 – But wait! At this Full Moon, unpredictable Uranus in the sign of the bull provokes both the Sun and Moon. Maybe it’s not too comfortable after all… but maybe comfortable is not all it’s cracked up to be.

12:54 – Also on Aug. 3, Mercury in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn. There might be some difficulty in communicating, because this can feel like a cork in your mouth. On the bright side, not blurting out every thought can have its advantages!

14:49 – It’s the end of Act 1: there’s tension as Mars in Aries squares Jupiter in Cap (Aug. 4). These planets came together on March 20 (for a review of that, see Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together), and Mars will square the Capricorn clown car (Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn) throughout the fall. Think back to March – what were the personal stories for you? Use some of that energy in a positive way this week. Why? Because it’s hip to be square!

18:24 – Mercury enters Leo (Aug. 4), a creative, persistent, and expressive placement. However, beware subjectivity. This is a good time to do anything fun – express yourself with a project just for you! (For more info, listen to Episode 8, Saturn and Pluto Need a Party.).

22:42 – You are here: In a galaxy with 200 billion stars, and at the center of it – out there – is the galactic center. Venus joins the North Node (Aug. 5) and therefore opposes the South Node, currently aligned with the galactic center. You might get messages of what to release related to Venus-themed things. It can also bring important people into your life.

27:02 – Venus enters cozy Cancer (Aug. 7) and immediately heads over to Bed Bath & Beyond. This is a time to take pleasure in home and family.

30:25 – Thanks for reading the show notes! We’d love it if you could please take a sec and make sure to subscribe and give us a 5-star rating, or write us a happy review! And if you like the show, please consider kicking in five or ten coffee bucks! [“I STILL can’t believe coffee costs that much!” – April ] Thanks, y’all.

3 comments to " Episode 37 | Full Moon in Aquarius & Many Happy (Solar) Returns "

  • Listening to the two of you sharing stories and astrology has become my Monday morning delight. You bring a smile to my face and help me begin the week on a positive note, regardless of the astrological weather. Thank you!

    • Jen Braun

      Sunny, thank you so much for listening, and for your lovely comment. And it’s so nice to know that we start the week off together! 😊

  • First: HAPPY SOLAR RETURN, APRIL! Bret and I are both sending lots of Leo and Taurus love your way. This was such a great episode. I love solar returns. They’re incredible indicators of the year ahead. And I’ve found that the years with the most squares in those charts have the most change — almost always for the better. In 2013, my SR had a Grand Square in it. My dad died just a few days before. But it was SUCH an amazing year. Signed a publishing contract for my first novel. A blog post went viral. Just so many amazing things that made the challenges much easier to face. And this full moon straddled my MC/IC. I had an interview with one major company, and turned in a writing test for a position with Amazon. Plus, I signed up for a course to further my professional education. I think life just starts rockin’ for those of us close to the Sun when it enters Leo. 😉

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