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Episode 21 | Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable: Signs a la Mod-alities


021 | Cardinal, Fixed, & Mutable: Signs a la Mod-alities

April and Jen bring you exactly what you didn’t know you needed: a lengthy mini-lesson on modalities! (To achieve the oxymoron trifecta, listen while eating “jumbo shrimp” during your “working vacation”!) Learn which signs lead the parade, which do the organizing, and who’s in the drill team. But, wait! There’s more! Listen now, and receive a complete set of the Sun entering Taurus and a Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn… And if you sign up for the Sun’s square to Pluto, you’ll get the Sun’s square to Jupiter absolutely free! Plus: Venus enters the valley of her retrograde shadow. And Oprah, friends… Oprah.

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00:37 – Yay, April! Congrats on making Oprah Magazine’s list of “best astrology books”!! We at the BSA podcast are so proud of you! 😊

01:11 – The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology is the book that made Oprah’s list, but Astrological Transits is also fantastic!

02:16 – ** Moonwatch** Here comes the Last Quarter Moon at 25.26 Capricorn (April 14). But first, let’s all sing Quarter Moon in a Ten-Cent Town! Then pause, reflect, and pivot as needed – all of which are appropriate during this time in the lunar cycle.

06:00 – The Sun squares both Pluto (April 14) and Jupiter (April 15) this week! As soon as the Sun entered Aries, it started building toward this point. If it feels stressful, remember to breathe! And for a J/P review, go back to Episode 19 (Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up?).

07:48 – Jupiter is huge compared to Earth! And the Sun is ginormous compared to Jupiter. Here’s a 3-minute video to help you put it in perspective. Do you have 7 minutes to spare? If so, watch this excellent, moving video that shows a guy building the solar system to scale in the desert. Wow!

08:15 – The house/s where Leo sits in your chart might be affected this week because the Sun rules Leo. For more on rulerships, visit Episode 14 (Retrograde Minds, Cazimi Hearts, Can’t Lose). And here’s a free info sheet on rulerships for you.

09:12 – Back to… our Last Quarter Moon! The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 26 Capricorn is, “A water sprite.” And the Sun is at 26 Aries, “A man possessed of more gifts than he can hold.” Celebrate how much the Earth nourishes us; behold the bounty!

13:05 – The Sun saunters into Taurus on April 19. And watch the movie Cast Away for a delightful astrological metaphor! Taurus and the second house urge us to appreciate what is ours for the taking that doesn’t cost anything – the beauty all around us. Consider: What do you value, and what is your place in the scheme of things? And, do you value yourself?

17:30 – Here’s how to find your birth chart!

19:11 – Venus is mooooving very slooooowly right now, just missing a harmonious link to Mars. The two relationship planets are emphasizing connections that we aren’t quite making right now. Venus turns retrograde May 14. Stay tuned on that one! As for right now – Venus sees her shadow on April 10!

25:21 – Many planetary retrogrades converge later in the year, and Venus squares Neptune 3x over the coming months. (Thank goodness, because Neptune has been so neglected lately… NOT!) Venus retrograde is an opportunity to reevaluate what’s important to us, and… how are we seeing reality, anyway?

27:00 – A free mini-lesson on modalities! Yay! First up: Cardinal, since they are the initiators of the zodiac.

30:07 – Fixed signs can be stubborn (said your Leo/Scorpio co-hosts). But hey, someone’s got to keep things going!

34:07 – The mutable signs are the disseminators of the cosmos. Someone has to spread the word, right?

39:01 – Jen was looking out her windshield, wearing a windbreaker, looking at a windstorm, when April leaned out her window and said, “Hey Jen, let’s play the wind game!”

39:25 – Learn why signs of the same modality tend to argue.

40:12 – Here is your cheat sheet on modalities!

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Length: 43:03

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