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Episode 1 | Sagittarius New Moon: Stars Over Thanksgiving

On the inaugural episode of the Big Sky Astrology Podcast, astrologer/author April Elliott Kent and co-host/producer Jen Braun break down the astrology of Thanksgiving Week and serve it up with a side of stuffing. From Venus entering Capricorn, to the Sagittarius New Moon, to Neptune changing direction, there are plenty of side dishes!

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2:15 – Venus entering Capricorn goes first, because nobody puts Venus in the corner.

11:00 – The Sagittarius New Moon. What are New Moons about, anyway? Where is Sagittarius calling you to adventure?

16:00 – A digression: What is a birth chart, anyway? Jen asks for a quick, two-sentence synopsis; April gets carried away and ends up talking about crickets and wine.

21:36 – Here’s the blog post April references about how to figure out which house the New Moon (and any other transit) activates in your chart.

22:39 – Neptune, the elephant in the room, is turning direct (turned retrograde on June 21, 2019). Car and train metaphors abound! Say no to unhealthy escapism in favor of meditation, music, musing.

29:11 – We’re excited about the return of The Crown! 😃 (Hallmark movies too much of a guilty pleasure to link to here.)

32:00 – Mercury/Neptune and Venus/Uranus trines on Thanksgiving Day, and a tradition-loving Moon in Capricorn.

34:58 – We both love pecan pie! Here’s the recipe April’s used for the past few years to win Thanksgiving dessert time.

35:12 – For the first of what promises to be many, many times, Jen lobbies April to move to Minneapolis. April lets loose a snippet of a Martin Mull song. From the 1970s. Because she’s o-l-d.

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