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Episode 3 | Gemini Full Moon: Alexa, Play “Love the One You’re With”

It’s relationship week on the BSA podcast, with a Full Moon in Gemini and Venus’s close encounter with the Sharks AND the Jets. Plus: Mercury enters Sagittarius and leaves his shadow, Mars trines Neptune, Jupiter trines Uranus, and April and Jen tell Alexa to mind her own business.

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00:52 – Mercury entered Sagittarius on December 9th and enters the wide end of a frustrating funnel. Appropriately, April labors to explain Mercury’s shadow period.

05:50 – Jen risks the wrath of Aries, even as she sports their team color – betraying her secret love for her opposite sign.

08:45 – Venus mingles with the Sharks and the Jets (she stays cool, boy). April misses a golden opportunity to grill Jen about her high school appearance in West Side Story.

16:11 – Aww, Pluto has a heart after all!

17:11 – The Gemini Full Moon reveals all. What information will come to light for you?

22:05 – Mars connects with Neptune while April wades into water signs. Jen wins the lightning round as we play The Anatomy of a Fish… because she’s got sole and is not koi!

26:44 – Is Friday the 13th really unlucky? April and Jen discuss how the days of the week got their names. April gets the origin slightly wrong, but details abound in this article at the website.

29:50 – Jupiter trines Uranus and triggers the upcoming Solar Eclipse later this month. It’ll be a biggie!

32:52 – The Scorpionic duo discuss their generally distrustful natures and their specific wariness of Alexa. This inspires Jen to reflect on earbuds that translate, with a natural segue into this week’s media shout-out, Better Off Ted.

35:55 – April name-checks a Stephen Stills hit from the year of Jen’s birth. Because we’re keepin’ those musical references fresh.

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