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Episode 7 | Saturn and Pluto Go to The Repair Shop

It’s an epic week in the Big Sky, and April and Jen bring you the down-low on the up-high: Jupiter meets the South Node, Uranus brings extra tumult to a highly-charged Lunar Eclipse, and we sound a final “all aboard” for the S.S. Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. Plus: more new (fictional) sponsors than you can shake a stick at, and April takes any opportunity to discuss her latest TV obsession.

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Show Notes for Episode 007

00:45 – April enthuses about her new personalized astrological almanac from Honeycomb Collective!

02:22 – She also can’t get enough of The Repair Shop, which is now available on Netflix.  Apparently, English people fixing stuff is just what her life has been missing.

03:58 – Jupiter takes the Saturn/Pluto-ravaged South Lunar Node to the cosmic repair shop (Jan. 8). For our discussion of Jupiter in Capricorn, lend your ears to Episode 2, Falstaff in a Business Suit.

04:30 – What are the Lunar Nodes, anyway? Jen demonstrates her molecular recall of BSA’s first six episodes by immediately identifying our discussion of the topic in Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses.

7:37 – The Japanese art of fixing broken pottery with powdered gold is called Kintsugi. Find strength in your frailties.

08:29 – Buckle up for a potent Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse on the Sabian Symbol degree A prima donna singing. Includes a quick explanation of these cryptic symbols, which originated in April’s fair city.

11:24 – As promised: This world map locates the Lunar Eclipse’s path of visibility.

14:50 – A recap of other eclipse points near 20 Cancer over the years. Hint: Look for planets and points in your birth chart between 16-24 of the Cardinal signs. And just as Jen breathes a sigh of relief over remembering to mention Aries, she overlooks poor Capricorn. Sorry, Seagoats!!

18:40 – April’s new front path provides a useful metaphor for the planetary lineup in Capricorn during this eclipse. Shockingly, The Repair Shop is not mentioned.

19:43 – Wake up! Uranus stations direct within six hours of the eclipse, boosting the day’s unsettling weirdness quotient. This oddball planet rotates on its side – and we love him for it.

22:12 – At last: the Saturn/Pluto conjunction! Jen compares it to the phoenix rising. And April salutes astrologer Blain Bovee’s lyrical take on the conjunction’s Sabian Symbol, Two awards for bravery in war. (For a full discussion of this important transit, check out last week’s Episode 6, Eat More Crunchy Things.)

24:20 – April’s take on Pluto transits and how even the most devastating events can move us in powerful and positive directions. (Curious about Jen’s injury? Listen to our 10-minute preview.)

26:03 – Demonstrating her Catholic grade school bona fides, April busts a quote from Matthew 26:39. Not that she could have cited the book, chapter, or verse (no one said she was a good student).

Duration: 29:23

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