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Full Moon in Aquarius: Acknowledgements

Aquarius is the sign of “the future.” Personally, you’ll experience only a tiny bit of it. Perhaps you’d like to create a legacy that lives on after you, through art, or children, or leadership. But no one creates a legacy alone. You need the ancestors who came before you, into whose broken soil you nestle new seeds; present-day allies to help you tend the plants and get them to market; and future hands to plant the same fields….

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New Moon in Leo: Loving Your Brand

Ruled by the Sun, Leo has an innate knack for presenting him or herself as a mythic figure with a compelling story. What you can learn from Leo is that everybody has a unique story that’s worth telling. The Sun is your epicenter, no matter what sign it’s in or what house. Before you can find an audience, you have to learn to celebrate your self and your story….

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