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The Moon and Your Business: Who is Your Ideal customer?

moon-and-businessIdeal customers are the ones who are the natural audience for what you have to offer, the ones who love what you do. How can you find more of them? Look to your natal Moon…

An astrologer friend of mine used to say that she really began to love her practice once she stopped accepting clients whom she wouldn’t want as friends. I used to think that would be narrowing the field a little bit too much (especially during my cranky progressed Sun in Virgo years, when I didn’t like too many people all that much).

But over time I’ve come to realize that she was simply in touch with the concept that marketers call your “ideal customer.” These customers are the ones who are the natural audience for what you have to offer, the ones who love what you do. Interactions with customers like these leave you both feeling exhilarated, inspired, and thrilled to have found one another.

How can you find more of these marvelous people? Look to the Moon. In astrology, the Moon is the symbol for the public. So in your chart, the Moon represents your natural relationship with the public – specifically, with your ideal “customer,” the person:

  • who will be naturally drawn to your story, and
  • with whom you’ll feel comfortable.

Think about the best client you’ve had, the best job, boss and coworkers, your best friend. What made them so great to spend time with? What were their personalities like? How did they respond to you? Were they independent or really into being with you all the time?  All of these qualities are ones you should expect to find in your ideal customer… and the Moon in your birth chart can help you find them!

The Moon’s Sign

The Moon’s sign can tell you what qualities you like in the people with whom you do business. Your Moon is in Aries? Well, you like entrepreneurs, people who take action without delay, show a lot of courage, and get all fiery when people tell them something can’t be done. Moon in Virgo? You like people who are smart and who care about quality and facts and practicality. And so on. I mean, these are your own qualities, of course – it’s your Moon! And the truth is, we like people who are like usKeywords for the signs of the zodiac here.

The Moon’s House

The Moon’s house tells us where you’ll naturally find your people, and the matters that preoccupy them. You have the Moon in the ninth house? Your clients love to travel, ask questions about their book project, or may be from foreign countries. The Moon in the fourth house? They want to talk about their kitchen renovation and their problems with their mother. Keywords for the houses of the horoscope here.

The Moon’s Aspects

The Moon’s aspects to other planets describe the issues and dynamics surrounding your relationship to your customers. Easy aspects (trine, sextile) are likely to reflect the best qualities of your Ideal Customer; difficult aspects (square, opposition) probably give insight into your Nightmare Customers.

Your Moon’s aspects to other planets in your birth chart describe your customer’s central interests and issues.

And of course, the Moon’s aspects to other planets give more information about the kind of emotional impact that comes into play in all of your interactions with other people, including with clients. If you have a Moon/Jupiter conjunction, people who come in contact with you feel uplifted, as though the sky is the limit. And if your Moon has challenging aspects… well, I’ll cover that in my next post, “Your Nightmare Customer!”

astromarket_150For details about the characteristics of the Moon in Signs, Houses, and in aspect to other planets, and more ideas about using your chart to get more from your business, order my lecture/workbook package, “Astro*Marketing: How to do stuff you’re good at for people you like.” Or, let’s do a custom session together to help you define your brand, magnetize your ideal customers, and find a niche in 2014!

3 comments to " The Moon and Your Business: Who is Your Ideal customer? "

  • Chris

    Interesting; My progressed Sun has gone into Virgo and I don’t seem to like people all that much either 😉
    Still, I will trudge forward. Good pointers.

  • PluToncho

    Thanks a lot about this article and about all your blog. It’s really insightfult for me, every time I read. And I am reading t often 🙂

    I wonderet, if the moon symbolizes the customer, what symbolizes the product/service I am offering ? Do you have article for that ?

    10X !

    • Thank you! Actually, my take on it is that the product or service you’re offering is actually *you*. Here’s an article that talks about that a bit.

      There’s something to be said, though, for particular types of products/services to be represented in your chart by the planets that rule them. For instance, Mercury as the ruler of writing or analysis, Venus as the ruler of the arts or beauty-related services, and so on. There may be an article in there!

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