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Marketing and astrology are not mutually exclusive

sunyouI’ve packaged a cleaned-up version (I edited out most of the dirty words) of my recent lecture on using your birth chart to market yourself along with a little workbook I designed to help you wring every drop of astrological  goodness from it. You can buy the Astrology and Marketing package here for the low, low, we’re talking  Saturn-in-the-second-house price of $21.95. Here’s a sneak peek:

I never liked the whole idea of marketing. For one thing, a Leo like me believes marketing should be entirely unnecessary; the whole world should instinctively bow down to us the minute they enter our orb. For another, I just spent thirty years with my progressed Sun in Virgo: when you’re spending that much busting your psyche into individual, criticizable molecules, selling your imperfect self to the world is absolutely the last thing you feel like doing.

But I think lots of people who gravitate toward creative and metaphysical professions really struggle with marketing. Musicians, artists, writers, astrologers – we all have a hard time switching between the sensitive, introspective spirit that helps us do our work and into the “selling” phase of things. Right now I’ve just finished writing a really big book in a really short amount of time and I’m exhausted; but writing a book – and I have plenty of colleagues who will back me up on this – is the easiest part of being an author. Now it’s all about getting blurbs for the cover and putting together a blog tour and making appearances and just pimping the hell out of that book. And like most writers, I don’t really enjoy that part.

Marketing feels distasteful to many of us, I think, because it seems manipulative, dishonest, and cynical. We equate it with floor wax, or with door to door salesmen. It feels like a con game that’s designed to make you buy something you don’t need and don’t even really want. Furthermore, we think it will cost a money and require us to stand out on a street corner dressed like Saturn or something.

But what if marketing is something else? What if it’s simply the means to get you and your tribe connected with one another? What if it’s the key to really knowing what you’ve got to offer and feeling genuinely confident about it, and spending your life spend doing stuff you’re good at with people that you like?

A few months ago, my progressed Sun (finally!) entered Libra, the sign of marketing, and out of nowhere I became fascinated by the topic. And the more I learned about it, the more an idea began to take hold. Because anytime an astrologer gets interested in anything, astrology eventually finds its way in.  (And in this case, astrology was kind of there already, because of course I wanted to learn about marketing to help my astrology business.)

But as I read more about basic marketing principles, it became clear to me that all of the things you need to be successful at marketing are clearly outlined in your own birth chart. That your birth chart is, in fact, the ultimate, personalized marketing plan. It’s not just about using your knowledge of astrology to forecast good moments to take action; that’s great too. But even if you know only the raw basics of astrology, and a few basic marketing concepts, you have everything you need to start figuring out what you’re good at, and the kinds of people that you like to deal with – bosses and coworkers you like, partners that you like, clients that you like.

No matter how much you may dislike the idea of marketing, the minute you try to get a job or a date or launch a business, you’re in the marketing business. And a lot of the reason we fail when we try to sell ourselves is that we don’t understand what we’re selling. We lack confidence because we think we have to sell some nebulous idea of what an “astrologer” is, or what a boyfriend or girlfriend is, or what an employee should be. When really, what we’re selling is our own distinctive brand of astrologer, boyfriend, or employee. And that’s where your birth chart comes in….

To find out all about astromarket_150the Sun and your personal brand, the Moon and your ideal customer, the Midheaven and the reputation that precedes you, and using your Ascendant to advertise yourself …

Order the 60 minute lecture and 40+-page workbook here– only $21.95!

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