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Full Moon in Aquarius: Acknowledgements

Aquarius is the sign of “the future.” Personally, you’ll experience only a tiny bit of it. Perhaps you’d like to create a legacy that lives on after you, through art, or children, or leadership. But no one creates a legacy alone. You need the ancestors who came before you, into whose broken soil you nestle new seeds; present-day allies to help you tend the plants and get them to market; and future hands to plant the same fields….

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Errata: Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

You know, I’m fairly proud of my book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. On the other hand, it was written at a feverish pace and edited faster than my feeble brain could cogitate. When you’re working at that speed, mistakes get made. Errors of oversight are committed, bizarre leaps of logic, dubious grammar. I’ve started this post to record such boners for posterity….

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