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Episode 6 | Saturn & Pluto Eat More Crunchy Things

Happy New Year! This week, Mars enters Sagittarius and the First Quarter Moon is in Aries. Otherwise, it’s a slow astrological news week – so April and Jen set you up for next week’s big Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which astrologers have been talking about forever! All this, plus: if planets were dogs, an iconic poison control spokescritter, and taking a bite out of the new year with lots of food references. CLICK THE SHOW TITLE FOR SHOW NOTES AND TRANSCRIPT.

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The Emperors Change Clothes

When planets with long cycles change signs, it’s big news. They bring their energies to new areas of life and for a time, they accomplish their work by impersonating different characters. This fall, Jupiter changes signs for the first time in a year, and Saturn moves into a new sign …

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Gemini Full Moon: Happy Whatever

Gemini doesn’t much care which holidays you choose to observe or what you call them; he can abide any heresy except boring conversation. His standard holiday greeting is, “Happy Whatever.” His job description, to paraphrase Caroline Casey, is “to believe nothing and entertain possibilities….”

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