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I Survived the August 2010 Cardinal (Anti-)Climax and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

When the Moon entered Cancer and Venus entered Libra on Friday,  the astrological world held its collective breath. These two fast-moving celestial bodies were, we felt, the catalysts that would galvanize the slow-building and long-anticipated cardinal t-square (Jupiter conjunct Uranus, opposed Mars conjunct Saturn, and all of them square Pluto) into what is popularly (and, let’s be honest, a little naughtily) known as the Cardinal Climax.  What would happen?

Well, Venus hasn’t yet finished with Jupiter or Pluto – that’s on the agenda for tomorrow, along with the New Moon in Leo – but the world, such as it is, is still standing. Still, it’s not as though nothing has happened. Here in the U.S. alone, California’s controversial Proposition 8, banning same-sex marriage, was ruled unconstitutional by a district court, and the nation’s highest court seated its fourth woman justice (the first time in the court’s history that three women are serving at the same time). Around the world, natural disasters threatened China (avalanche),  Pakistan (flooding), and Russia (fires).

I’m sure there was more of note, but to be completely honest I’ve spent much of the past few days celebrating my birthday and haven’t paid much attention to the news. What I can report is that the spouse and I took a lovely little mini-vacation that included lots of great food and visiting with family and friends. It’s been an almost entirely cheerful and enjoyable few days for us – no rioting in the streets, not even a spirited quarrel with our ideologically incompatible relatives.  And mind you, we’re people with birth charts that are getting their share of hits from this cardinal thingamie.

So while I’m not quite declaring victory here – I’ve got another tough week ahead, work-wise, and I’m pretty tired from all that celebrating – I really can’t complain.

What about you?

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Also of note, I’ve posted an essay and podcast for Monday’s New Moon in Leo, which you can read here or listen to here:

Drawing a Circle
Leo prefers to be himself, thank you; if Leo were an actor he would be John Wayne, who was always pretty much John Wayne, no matter what role he was playing onscreen. And so during the annual Leo season we are normally concerned with fortifying the traits and creative impulses that make up the boundary between us and other, and define our identities. Learning to be more ourselves can be a joyous process, but surprisingly often, it also feels like hard work….(read the full article)

9 comments to " I Survived the August 2010 Cardinal (Anti-)Climax and all I got was this stupid t-shirt "

  • I could find nothing that was aspecting my 10/15/46 (moon at 21 degrees Gemini) natal chart in the Friday Aug.7th chart. Yet I could get nothing done. With two different companies, I would call a company up, wait for an hour, then get disconnected. I couldn’t find needed documents, etc. One client that I loved, said they were dissatisfied with my work and no longer wanted to see me. I was devastated. On Saturday, I got some very cathartic body work which helped to move that energy a bit.

    • Oh, Sally – I’m so sorry! What a terrible feeling to have a client say that to you. 🙁 You might look to your progressed chart for more insight, actually; when transits collide with progressed placements or aspects, all kinds of stuff can get triggered. Hope the energy clears up for you soon!

  • I really want that T-shirt! I’ve worked on myself for years, and the T-Square has been squishing my Sun, Moon, and Venus–and I have not exploded. The least I deserve is a t-shirt. 🙂

    Seriously, this has been an empowering and creative time for me. I feel blessed, especially considering the intensity of it all. I’ve been highly cautious how I speak about it and to live on the upside of the planets, something I preach a lot and have discovered it truly pays to practice.

  • Ned Waterman

    For this Taurean, the Leo season has been less jaring than usual. I usually tune out while everyone around me is busily kissing mirrors, and try to ignore the fact that all beings that I encounter, from the 5 year old across the street to the panhandler in front of the 7-11 is convinced that THEY’VE GOT IT RIGHT and THEY BETTER DARN WILL LISTEN TO WHAT THEY HAVE TO SAY! I’m actually happy that Mercury is about to go retrograde, because if it weren’t for the dishwasher overflowing or the car not starting or the cell phone dropping a call when you least suspect it, we’d likely do or say something stupid that would leave us with way too much “‘splainin to do”!

  • The wars continue. 🙁

  • Ann-Louise

    Earthquake in New Zealand…significant one..Christchurch 4.35am 4th Sept 2010.

  • Ann-Louise, I’ve been following your Facebook posts all day (at least I assume they’re yours). It’s been a little hard to get up-to-date news here and we’ve been a bit worried about family in Christchurch, so I’ve really appreciated reading your posts. Here’s hoping you and yours are well (though I know how upsetting earthquakes can be).

  • I survived the Cardinal (anti) climax and all I got was the coolest apartment I ever lived in. Gigantic stroke of luck–what I call a $1000 view in the neatest neighborhood in Portland, OR, for $390 a month. It’s senior housing, rent subsidized, in a well-maintained building.

    The aspect? Cardinal t to my very lucky Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th.
    Donna Cunningham

  • Awesome, Donna! That’s a lucky Jupiter, all right. The cardinal t-square aspected my 8th house Venus in Cancer about the time this book contract (and respectable advance) fell in my lap, so I guess it wasn’t a total wash for me, either. That wouldn’t have made such a snappy title for the blog post, of course. ;D

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