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Remember that marriage survey?

A couple of years ago, many of you were kind enough to participate in my survey about marriage. The results of the project can be found in my article “When Will I Get Married?”, which appears in the Aug/Sep 2010 issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. I share the top five astrological significators of marriage, and offer an example chart of a survey participant’s journey to the altar. It’s 3500 fun-filled words and numbers, sprinkled liberally with dazzling charts and informative tables:

And so, I seemed to have become a wedding astrologer. And yet I still didn’t feel completely confident answering the question, “When will I get married?” So, a couple of years ago I decided to conduct an informal study. The focus was simple. I didn’t ask the participants why they got married, whether the marriage lasted or was happy, or even whether it was the first, second, or any other number of marriage. I only wanted to know one thing: Which astrological factors seem most likely to get you to the altar?

Thanks again to all who participated! And let this be a beacon of hope for the intrepid ladies who filled out my Mars questionnaire last summer: it may take me awhile, but I eventually get around to doing something with this stuff.

5 comments to " Remember that marriage survey? "

  • … and a fun and insightful article it was too! I enjoyed learning more about your process, and appreciate the care and thought you put into the chart readings, and the survey. thanks!

    • That’s so nice of you to say, Mary Pat. Many thanks to you! It was a fun project (I’m still collecting data from my wedding date clients) and I really enjoyed doing it. 😀

  • Hey…

    Good subject…to collect the data..

  • Monatshoroskop kostenlos

    Great article. Yap, when will i get married. That`s a funny and good question. It`s a pleasure to find this blog!

  • pdw

    Hi, April, thanks for the pointer to your TMA article.

    How about your (post-)nuptial assessment of Chelsea Clinton’s chart? Sounds like a perfect astrologer match to me. 😉

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