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Jupiter in Taurus: Sacred Cows

The blessings of both Jupiter and Taurus are many: a sense that anything is possible, that security is within reach, and pleasures are abundant. But the combination of Jupiter’s respect for doctrine and Taurus’ conservatism has a potential downside: the unwillingness to confront needed change….

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The Emperors Change Clothes

When planets with long cycles change signs, it’s big news. They bring their energies to new areas of life and for a time, they accomplish their work by impersonating different characters. This fall, Jupiter changes signs for the first time in a year, and Saturn moves into a new sign …

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Jupiter enters Virgo: The Party’s Over

Despite its reputation as astrology’s most generous benefactor, Jupiter’s gifts are often best enjoyed in hindsight. When Jupiter is moving through a sign, a house, or in aspect to one of your natal planets, you can actually feel quite a lot of pressure – to live bigger, be more daring, and challenge your limitations..

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