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Why yes, I *am* crazy, thank you.

penguinI’m writing another book. Because yes, I am that crazy, thank you. This one is tentatively titled “The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology,” and it’s an intro-to-astrology book that I’m writing for Penguin.  I have until October 22 to write about 350 pages. Of which I’ve completed about 50 so far.

See? Crazy.

Needless to say, meeting this deadline means suspending  most my other work (and everything else in my life; I’m considering hiring someone to take over my respiratory duties – a ghost-breather – so I can save all that time I spend breathing in and out) for the next two months. You’ll still see me on Facebook, I’ll take a few wedding date clients, and I’ll continue selling automated reports. But my twice-monthly essays will mostly be reruns, full wedding date reports are out, etc. And I’m still on a break from doing regular readings, which I originally took with the hope of finishing my Mars report/book.

Fate intervened, however, and here I am, up to my ears in remedial astrology. Oddly enough, I’m enjoying the writing. Any astrologer can write a basic astrology book – it’s stuff we know as well as our ABC’s. The challenge is in presenting it in an engaging and useful way – a challenge I think I’m meeting only intermittently at this point.  Reclaiming beginner’s mind is a challenge, but one I’m enjoying so far.

Wish me luck, friends, and I’ll keep you posted on further developments. Meanwhile, keep an eye on the “Progress Report” widget in the right-hand margin to monitor my word count (initially, I’ve  set this  for the goal I have to reach by September 14), cheer me on, and laugh loudly yet compassionately at my struggle.

23 comments to " Why yes, I *am* crazy, thank you. "

  • Massive HOORAY’s all around, my friend! Congratulations! And…goddess speed. 😉

  • OMG on PENGUIN??? That is FANTASTIC news, whether you are crazy or not April hehe!! Big Sky Country SALUTES you!!

  • Kelly

    Congrats April – I’m sure it’ll be fabulous like all your other writing!

  • Anonymous

    Congrats and good luck April! Well you are a writer so I wouldn’t say it’s that crazy, that’s what you do! Besides as Jimmy sings “if we weren’t all crazy we would all go insane”.

    Essential Guide to Practical Astrology will appeal to the masses and become a #1 best seller:D I can predict this because I’m an astrologer And then of course there will be a movie deal and you’ll have to write a sequel, it’s crazy how things happen!

  • Very cool! Looking forward to it!

  • Thanks, folks – much appreciated! Writing another book isn’t so much the crazy part, Jon – it’s the 350 pages in two months part. 🙂 That actually is my favorite part of book contracts – the parts about movie rights, rights to video games and lavish Broadway musicals based on your book. Yeah, I’m sure Hollywood starlets will be clamoring for the chance to portray me hanging out in my nastiest clothes all day, writing feverishly and fending off cats.

  • Yay April! I can’t wait to read it, I know it’s going to be wonderful:)

  • This is awesome! May the Force be with you! xxx

  • When next I see Penguin I must remember to compliment them on their impeccable taste, sound judgement, and sexy arse.
    Meanwhile, April, I offer my services as ghost nose picker.
    Go forth and be splendid[er].

  • Fern, Neeti, and Gin – those are kind (and in some cases amusing; and hey, what about *my* sexy arse?!) sentiments. Warm thanks to you all! 😀

  • Nice arse, April. Sexy.

  • Brains, booty and wicked writing chops. You rock, girl! Go April! Can’t wait to read it. Congrats and enjoy the frenzy.

  • Well, April, don’t know the state of your arse 🙂 but do know a new book from you is good news–best of luck! jd

  • Thanks, Terri and Julie D – you’re too kind. And unfortunately for the state of my arse, Gin is *far* too kind.

  • A Penguin book on astrology?! Wow, they’re getting progressive. Good luck, April!

  • Hats off to you April, that’s brilliant! I am just embarking on researching my book that has been languishing at the back of my mind for far too long! You’ve inspired me 🙂 I love the research stage and sometimes hate the writing stage (apart from those days when you get that ‘flow’ that seems to come out of nowhere). Good luck xx

  • Thanks, Hitch and Lua!

    Update: 77% to my goal with 11 days left before half the manuscript is due. Word count inching up sloooowwwwwly at this point because I’m filling in gaps and trying to make some of the worst passages better as I go along. I’d hoped to get to 100% by Tuesday so I’d have a week to go over everything with the proverbial fine-toothed comb; that will mean working pretty hard this weekend, when I’d rather be doing some holiday goofing-off…

    Isn’t there a whole “write a novel in a month” exercise that people do each year and track their progress on line? I think the whole idea is to just get something written whether it’s any good or not. I feel like unfortunately, that’s all I have time to do – but I’m expected to product a polished result!

  • This is my first visit to your blog, and I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly. You are a funny lady!

    Congratulations on your contract–if you write the book in the entertaining style of your blog, it should be a great success. As a writer who is often accused of being prolific, I do have a bit of advice on how to get through all those pages.

    Have an informal outline for each chapter, and on any given day, write what’s easy. Don’t feel you have to write things in order-that’s what cut and paste is for. So write the pieces that are easy and fun, and eventually, it all gets done.
    Donna Cunningham

  • Donna, those are warm, helpful, and very much appreciated words from an astrologer I respect and admire. Thank you! I’m delighted to find that my instincts have led me to a regiment that’s more or less what you’ve outlined here. Of course, now I’m getting to the point where all the easy pieces are done and I have to fill in the gaps that require a lot more thought. So the word count is inching up each day instead of leaping!

    Another thing that really bolstered my confidence – don’t know if this is something you do – was, at about the 75% done point, to print out all my pages and put them into a binder. Something about seeing all those pages made me feel I was accomplishing something, instead of just feeling I was flailing toward an unreachable goal!

    Anyway, your generosity and warm support of your fellow astrologers via your blog, etc., is truly lovely. I feel really honored that you stopped by to say hello!

  • Thanks, you’re clearly on the right track instinctively. I try not to print everything out multiple times in the revisions any more, but, yes, I do have to have it hard copy to make it seem real.

    I do print book excerpts on Skywriter, so think of me when it comes out and add me to the review list. Donna Cunningham

  • Ha! Sadly, Donna, I have not yet transcended the urge for compulsive printing. At least one tree will have, sadly, given its all by the time I’m done with this thing.

    And thank you, I’ll absolutely let you know when it’s ready for review!

  • Congrats, April! I have no doubt you will be on the shelves of BN everywhere, pushing your lessers into the scrapheap.

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