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Fun With Asteroids, Saturn, and Eclipses

Saturn is poised at the final dramatic degree of Leo, preparing to hurl itself into Virgo on September 2. Pretty darn close, too, to Tuesday’s Lunar Eclipse points at 4.46 Virgo/Pisces. Felt like it, didn’t it?

The last degree of Leo is associated with a fascinating fixed star called Regulus. Sometimes called “the Royal Star,” Regulus has an affinity for those in power but can also deliver its own kick-ass brand of karma – rewarding those who have tried to lead with honor and dignity, and bringing down those who have dishonored their elevated stations.

Exhibit A: Senator Larry Craig of Idaho (July 20, 1945, Council ID, time unknown), who is the center of a schadenfreudalicious scandal involving a June 11 bust for lewd contact in a public restroom. The news of this arrest became public on August 27, the day before the eclipse – with transiting asteroid Larry (30440) at 3.29 Gemini, square Saturn and the eclipse points. Craig’s Moon in early Sagittarius is feeling the eclipse heat as well; eclipses in aspect to the Natal Moon can leave one feeling – er – “exposed.”

Exhibit B: Also on August 27, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, who has an ego to match the approximately 59 planets in Leo in his birth chart (August 4, 1955, San Antonio TX, time unknown), finally got around to tendering his resignation. On August 27, transiting asteroid Albert (719) was at – of course – 29.23 Leo.

The moral of the story, kids, is to keep your noses clean, ‘cuz Saturn isn’t cutting anyone the least bit of slack right now.

5 comments to " Fun With Asteroids, Saturn, and Eclipses "

  • The sky does not lie. Can mine stop exploding and imploding! JEEZ!

  • I’d totally forgotten I had Regulus conjunct my sun! As Saturn has passed over both, I have felt less than regal, that’s for sure, but it hasn’t ravaged me as I’d feared. In fact, there might be a spark of life for my nonfiction book after all. I’ll find out *after* Saturn leaves Leo, ironically.

  • Hi APril,

    I really appreciate your post on Asteroids, Saturn, and Eclipses–and your mention of the personal name asteroid, Albert, with royal Regulus!

    Hope a link to this article is okay by you!


  • Thanks for the shout-out, Jude! I think asteroids are pretty amazing.

    Hang in there, Nancy!

    Maria, that is a solar placement that rocks, and rocks hard. Anyway, we’ve now officially lived through Saturn in Leo, and I for one am happy to see it go.

  • And yet, I can’t seem to make this placement work for good rather than banality. Someday, I’ll have my throne! 😉

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