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Lunar Eclipses and Relationships

Certainly, eclipses falling in your 7th house (or in aspect to natal Venus, planets in your 7th house, or the planet that rules your 7th house) are signals that your relationship world is likely to be rocked by change. But all lunar eclipses, regardless of which houses they fall in, represent critical moments in evaluating relationships. At a Lunar Eclipse, the Sun and Moon are in opposition (Full Moon), an aspect that reveals us to ourselves through our personal interactions. The March 25, 2024 Lunar Eclipse at 5º07′ Libra reflects the degree to which we’re able to offer ourselves fully in mature, responsible, and mutually respectful relationships.

For those who aren’t in a romantic relationship, or are in one that isn’t going well, eclipses might well mark times of finding or ending a romance. But what if you’re in a romantic relationship or partnership that’s going just fine? Your union may come through these eclipses intact and strong, with only a few long-delayed adjustments. If the rest of your birth chart bears this out, however – and especially if this year’s eclipses are impacting those sensitive relationship areas I mentioned above – you may well find that your happy relationship isn’t as secure as it seemed.

On the other hand, romantic partnerships are not the only relationships in our lives (just the ones we’re most likely to be obsessed about). What about the 99.999% of the relationships in our lives that don’t involve yearning looks across a crowded room or intimate physical contact? What might the upcoming lunar eclipse have to say about the ordinary human connections among family members, friends, colleagues, and casual acquaintances? Here are some thoughts:

If you are born with the Sun or Ascendant near 5º07′ of:

Aries/Libra – Yours are the signs most likely to experience critical transitions in your romantic partnerships, closest friendships, and business collaborations. You may begin a new relationship, leave one that isn’t working, or make important changes in an ongoing relationship. For Scorpio in particular, this is an eclipse that requires you take a long look at the way you’re presenting yourself, how well you’re taking care of yourself, and how effectively you’re balancing your own needs with those of the people closest to you.

Taurus/Scorpio – Look for charged relationships with co-workers, those in charge of your health care, service animals, spiritual advisers, hidden enemies, and those with whom you have an unequal relationship (for instance, employees, or those people whom you admire, but who don’t return your affection – or your phone calls).

Gemini/Sagittarius– The relationships most likely to be impacted for you are those with friends, associates, and assorted soulmates, including: creative and political allies, your children and pets, those with whom you share love (or at least attraction) at first sight, fans of your work, and fellow members of community, fraternal, or trade organizations.

Cancer/Capricorn – This eclipse suggests changes in your home and heart, and in your career direction. Where are you coming from – and where are you headed? Relationships especially subject to crisis and review are those between parents and children, between bosses and employees, and any relationship in which one person has more status than the other.

Leo/Aquarius – The relationships most likely to be impacted by these eclipses include those involving neighbors, siblings, teachers, clergy, and fascinating foreigners. These are relationships that help us define ourselves in relation to our immediate environment as well as within a larger philosophical context.

Virgo/Pisces – Here’s where things are likely to get a little sexy, because the relationships most likely to be impacted by these eclipses are those involving your earnings, possessions, security, shared resources, and physical and/or psychological intimacy – including your therapist, your financial manager, and, yes, the person/persons who share your bed.

The Lunar Eclipse is at 5º07′ Libra on March 25, 2024, at 00:00 am U.S. Pacific Time.

For more thoughts about eclipses in your chart, visit my eclipse astrology page for articles and information about my exclusive eclipse report, Followed by a Moonshadow!










7 comments to " Lunar Eclipses and Relationships "

  • Mary Streets

    My Aquarius sun at 2 degrees in opposition to Uranus 0 Leo 1 and 7 houses ( mutual reception)…. squares natal neptune at 0 scorpio conjunct mc…… transiting Venus conjunct Jupiter conjunct my natal north node… in my 7th house solar return that is initializing Jan 22… 🥳 happy birthday… and well I am thinking this may be the year….. for what I am not quite sure… transiting Saturn conjunct my asc 12 degrees cap. I am however considering even this old astrologer could use a reading…

    • al

      Oh indeed! And do tell us which astrologer you chose Mary.
      You said “even this old astrologer” and that makes me remember how our greatest developments come after the age of 51-52.
      Good luck and hoping your eclipse is a bountiful one.
      Do tell us what the astrologer said and how it plays out!!

  • Natori

    Enjoyed this post, April.

  • I just don’t get why eclipses are seems as the end all be all Simms day for relationships.. my partner of 8 years and I were considering a solstice wedding (finally! And with our sweet two year old baby girl in tow), to the horror of an astrologer I had consulted. She told me “stay out of June unless you want an eclipsed marriage”. I just don’t get it. And now our whole plan for a wedding is messed up and we’re thinking we just need to wait until next year, even though we want to get married in June 2020. Any words of wisdom??!

    • Gabriella

      Now you see why? haha

    • Erica

      Because eclipses according to the old beliefs, were the fated events where the Gods could intervene with human life in order to bring justice to the individual’s life, to the point that people used to stay indoors the entire day to allow it to pass without incident. It’s some serious energy that should not be played with or tempted. I had a horrendous relationship with my ex for years and years, and he died on an eclipse day.

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