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Ta da!

At last – the new design! Or alas, depending on how many glitches I’ve (undoubtedly) overlooked. I cleaned out the articles archive and there have been some significant changes to the structure of the site itself, so if you’ve come here based on a Google search result that pointed you toward something that is now nonexistent, explore a little bit and you’ll probably find it. If not, drop me a line.

It’s the most substantial layout overhaul I’ve done in years, and I’m still noodling around with it a bit, especially the blog layout. It’s a work in progress… appropriately, with Venus – the goddess of redecoration – still retrograde. So watch this space, as they say.

Any substantial tinkering will have to wait, though. At the moment I’m buried under the usual pre-eclipse avalanche of work, my desk groaning with urgent projects, my email box creaking under the weight of various clients even more overwhelmed and stressed out than I am. I can only sigh with nostalgia as I recall the halcyon days of yore, when I had time to read other blogs, let alone update my own with any regularity. A matey shout-out, then, to my fellow astrobloggers, who I’m certain are covering the news of the day – bleak as it is – with aplomb and vigor.

11 comments to " Ta da! "

  • sam

    Lookin good!

  • Yay! Congrats. It looks nice and bright and shiny. And easy, inviting links.

  • Eme

    Congrats! It looks great! Also, easier to sneak-read at work, what with the white background. (winkie)

  • Very nice. I am liking the new look.

    Sorry you have so much on your plate. How come we do this to ourselves? I just realized I am one module behind in my class. Uh-oh.

    On a brighter note I have decided I am thrilled to have Saturn go into Virgo. My girlfriend and I have decided that it has to be easier than this Leo Saturn stuff. It just has to be easier….saying it makes it so, right? 😉

  • Jeffrey Kishner


  • Just beautiful, wow, I love your new picture and all the new bells and whistles. Congrats!

  • Hi April,

    Your site was impressive before…this is great! Easy on the eyes and user friendly.

    Well worth the effort all around and much appreciated.


    Susan and John Townley

  • Muchas gracias, mis amigos! I appreciate your warm comments so much, and look forward to having time to write actual astrology-related blog posts again instead of endless ruminations about my redesign and general busy-ness because really, who cares?

    Eme, I’m just subversively Uranian enough to be excited that I’ve facilitated your stealth websurfing at work – Hee!

    Nancy, I’m determined to find a way to frame the Saturn in Leo years in a positive way. Determined, I tell you! I’m not quite there yet, but I’m beginning to see a certain logic to it all. In a related note, I especially loved Dana Gerhardt’s most recent New Moon essay at Mooncircles… I think you’d like it, too. I’m sure I’ll have something specific to say soon about Saturn’s entrance into Virgo, but my usual experience of Saturn transits through all signs is essentially the same: starts out sucky, ends up in a sense of satisfaction, however grimly hard-won. 🙂

  • Thanks for pointing out that essay. It was perfect. And, so true!

  • I love it! It’s beautiful!

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