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Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets: The Narrative of Change

Chances are, your birth chart contains at least one planetary configuration so dreadful that astrologers take one look and gasp: “How do you live with that?”

And you shrug. Because it’s like having been born with blue eyes or red hair: that’s the way it’s always been for you, so you’re pretty much used to it, much the way one gets used to a throbbing arthritic joint. A hypothetically awful aspect is your cross to bear, as Sister Rita used to say. But the very aspects that inspire terror in the casual observer are, potentially, your treasure.

Planets woven together by difficult aspects are as strong as steel. They represent problems you can’t ignore, and conflicts that chew at you until you find a resolution – or at least détente. They describe your defining attributes; and each time an eclipse scores a glancing blow off these aspects (about every four and a half years), you’re given another chance to become a little bit more … you.

So not even the most unpleasant natal aspect is inherently awful. And despite the unease they inspire, neither are eclipses. Some are part of a larger and more daunting planetary picture with global implications. Personally, however, we tend to experience eclipses most strongly when they form close aspects (especially conjunctions, squares, and oppositions, within 4º) to planets in our birth chart. Each time an eclipse aspects one of the planetary crosses that you bear, a narrative of change emerges – one that is repeated over and over throughout your lifetime.

Unless an eclipse triggers these high-tension natal aspects, or falls very close to the cusps of the first, fourth, seventh, or tenth houses, you are likely to experience its influence as relatively subtle, like the flutter of a leaf in a chilling breeze. But let one of your more sensitive aspects get triggered, and it’s the difference between a doctor checking your reflexes during an exam and hammering an arthritic knee.

  • Eclipse aspecting the natal Sun: If life is a movie, the Sun is the protagonist – however flawed – for whom we cheer. Each of us is born to be the hero of our own life story; but often, timidity or false modesty persuades us to hand over that role to others. When eclipses aspect your natal Sun, you are thrust into the starring role, or must fight to reclaim it. Sometimes, authority figures like parents or bosses abdicate or must be overthrown in order for you to live an authentic life.
  • Eclipses aspecting the natal Moon – From the moment we’re ripped from mom’s womb, we seek to reclaim the security and safety that we knew there. We feather our nests, stock the pantry with foods we like, and surround ourselves with people who make us feel comfortable. But when eclipses aspect the natal Moon, something – a new living situation, a change in health – may leave you feeling as exposed as a crab with her shell cracked open.
  • Eclipses aspecting Mercury: How do you define yourself? Usually, it begins with a name. Then, with your rank in the family pecking order, on the playground, in the workplace. Finally, numbers (grades in school, age, numbers on a paycheck) define you. When eclipses aspect natal Mercury, the god of definition, prepare for a change in your name, rank, or serial number – and for a change in how you define yourself. Mercury is the storyteller, so maybe it’s time to rewrite the story of your life.
  • Eclipses aspecting Venus: If only each of us were endowed with flawless confidence, great relationships, bountiful self-esteem, and oodles of cash! Eclipse aspects to Venus remind us that world will not always give us the treatment, whether kind or cruel, that we think we deserve. This awareness usually comes through financial challenges, relationship transitions, or your feelings about your attractiveness.
  • Eclipses aspecting Mars: Mars is a trained, ruthless guard dog that answers only to you. He guards you and your home, defends your reputation, and helps you get all the things that you want. When eclipses aspect natal Mars, the watch dog is stirred up and straining at his leash; get what’s yours, but don’t let anyone get hurt.
  • Eclipses aspecting Jupiter: When was the last time you had an adventure? When eclipses aspect Jupiter, you’re itching to take a chance, to feel the thrill of being completely alive. These can be times when you overreach out of sheer optimism; but they are also moments when your life jumps tracks and starts moving in a new direction.
  • Eclipses aspecting Saturn: When eclipses aspect Saturn, you may feel worn out and discouraged. Probably, you’ve outgrown your life or are playing by outdated rules. But you’ll never get anywhere by blaming others for your problems. Regardless of how things got this way, what are you going to do to make your life better?
  • Eclipses aspecting Uranus: When eclipses aspect Uranus, you may feel like a misfit – and that can hurt. Recognizing who your friends are (and aren’t), and looking for a tribe that lets you be yourself, is the challenge of these eclipses.
  • Eclipses aspecting Neptune: These eclipses compel you to examine your blind spots, question your faith, and dispute what you previously thought was indisputable. If you’ve been fooling yourself – like a wife who ignores the signs that her husband has strayed, or the man who is disillusioned by his womanizing guru – these eclipses can deliver a wakeup call.
  • Eclipses aspecting Pluto: In each of us, there is a dark side. There are feelings that are unworthy of us – rage, jealousy, fear, covetousness. They weaken us, making us slaves to our emotions and to people who are more self-possessed. When eclipses aspect Pluto, we meet that dark self and the others who embody it for us, grappling with power and the need for control.
  • Eclipses aspecting the Lunar Nodes: As children, we need the boundaries and protection of familiar settings and people; the job of our parents is to prepare us to go out into the world with a strong foundation, so we can move toward unfamiliar and rewarding challenges. That’s what’s challenged when eclipses conjoin or square the natal Lunar Nodes: it’s time to leave the comfort of the nest and claim some measure of our potential.
  • Eclipses aspecting the Ascendant: There are places – some external, some internal – that hinge us to the world, and everything else is oriented from them. That’s the role of the Ascendant. When eclipses aspect this point, we are called to change that orientation, sometimes voluntarily – a change of appearance, of name, of home, of outlook – sometimes in response to something from outside us. All the other angles of the chart, but particularly the Descendant, reverberate from these changes.
  • Eclipses aspecting the Midheaven: This is the mast on which your personal flag flies, visible from long distances, and it’s the first thing people notice about you. With any luck, it is derived from the opposite point in the chart, the IC, the dowsing rod that locates the inner fountain of family connectedness that nourishes you. When eclipses aspect this point, you may feel it’s time to pursue a calling, or move to a place, that better reflects your true self.

Combine these descriptions to better understand the sensitive points in your own chart that will be awakened by the upcoming eclipses on March 25, 2024 (Lunar eclipse at 5º07′ Libra) and April 8, 2024 (Solar eclipse at 19º24′ Aries). If a planet in your birth chart, or the Ascendant/Midheaven, falls:

  • between 1º and 9º Libra, Capricorn, Aries, or Cancer (March 25 eclipse), or
  • between 15º and 23º Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn (April 8 eclipse)

… then your reflexes will be working overtime… and that arthritic knee is going to be really, really sore.

© April Elliott Kent All rights reserved.

61 comments to " Eclipse Aspects to Natal Planets: The Narrative of Change "

  • The last two eclipses will aspect, respectively: my natal Moon/Venus/Pluto t-square, and; my ascendant, grand fire trine, and that darned t-square again.

  • Terrific post. Lots to think about with all those knee hits coming my way!

  • Trish

    Ugh! The first eclipse squares my natal Moon Pluto conjunction @ 10 Virgo, the second eclipse conjuncts my natal Venus, though not as closely, and the last eclipse opposes my Sun & Mercury. Lets see what fun it creates!

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  • April 25th the lunar eclipse will conjunct my Sun 5 deg Scorpio Sun exact, I’m having surgery the same day, literally knee surgery, nothing life threatening. Then the May solar eclipse will conjunct my Moon in Leo 15 degrees. Should I reschedule how bad might that be? Any advise, thoughts, recommendations, insights? Appreciated! 🙂

  • First, my pal Neil Gaiman has natal Saturn in the 7th. He got married during an eclipse to his Saturn. Ergo, eclipses aren’t necessarily bad, as you pointed out.

    Second, I’ve examined the historic dates in the downloadable booklet about this upcoming eclipse, and I’ve discovered that it’s always an interesting time for relationships and personal contacts in general, with both couplings and breakups. The latest eclipse at that point, which happened in April 2005, was just before I got together with the Frenchman. Although I should point out the 5 Scorpio eclipse affects both my ascendant and midheaven.

  • Rich

    This is so funny….The eclipse for 4/25 is conjunct my arabic part of fortune and Mars both in the 2nd house…I have been winning scratch off lottery tickets (never play them) getting things for free, and making xtra money..I luv Astrology!!!!

  • Sag

    Hi April,

    The solar eclipse on may 9th will be in my 6th house conjunct natal jupiter. Would this indicate possible “positive” changes in my day to day working environment?


    • Faye

      This eclipse on 25th April triggered my natal Neptune (9 Scrorpio) square Venus (4 Leo). A couple of days after the eclipse on the 27th, when transiting mars going through my 5th opposed my Neptune (and that eclipse degree), I unexpectedly met someone on a tram – love at first sight. He chatted to me and got my phone number. We spent a brief hour and half together in a bar that night. Sadly, he was 25 years younger than me so nothing could come of it. We went for a romantic walk along the beach and kissed for half an hour. Wow – it was like a dream. I didn’t see or hear from him again. My Neptune/Venus square was activated so powerfully. He (and the experience) was so Neptunian.

  • Michael

    This May 25th, 2013 lunar eclipse is of particular interest to me because of the following in my natal chart. I even thought the eclipse on my MC (with everything else) could possibly serve as a “catalyst” for the lottery. In addition to what’s stated below (all natal transits), I have my Progressed Pluto, Sun, Mercury, and Mars all in my Progressed 5th House. I also have my Progressed Moon in my Progressed 11th House. In addition, transiting Venus and Mercury both conjunct my natal POF next month at 21 degrees Cancer. Any thoughts?

    All natal positions:

    (1) My MC is 4 degrees 45 minutes Sagittarius.

    (2) My MC conjuncts my 10th House Saturn (within 3 1/2 degrees).

    (3) My MC trines my 6th House Leo Mercury (2 degrees), Leo Mars (9 degrees), Leo Venus (10 degrees), and Leo Uranus 1 (degree).

    (4) My MC sextiles my 7th House Virgo Jupiter (8 degrees).

    (5) My MC is sesquiqadrate my 6th House Cancer Sun and POF (1 1/2 degrees).

    (6) My MC is Quintile my Aquarius Moon (1 degree).

    (7) My MC is Quintile my Aquarius Ascendant ( 0 degrees 41 minutes).

    (8) My MC also squares my Leo Pluto (6 degrees).

    (9) My Progressed 3rd House cusp is also 4 degrees 47 minutes Cancer (which, of course, makes my Progressed 9th House cusp 4 degrees 47 minutes Capricorn) .

    • Michael – When working with eclipses, I use only the conjunction, opposition, or square to natal planets, within a 4 degree orb. So of the things you list, I would focus on the eclipse conjunction to the Midheaven. That immediately makes things much simpler and more focused. This is an eclipse cycle that indicates change underway in your career, reputation, and/or essential life direction – your “calling,” and how you’re perceived by the rest of the world. I would go back to previous years in this cycle – in particular, May 2012, May 2002, May 1994, May 1993 – and think about what was happening then re: Midheaven/career matters.

      • Michael

        Thanks April.

      • Scorpionica

        April, sorry i commented in the wrong section lol but I’ll repost what i wrote since i can’t delete once comment is submitted. ..

        I disagree with your range of the degree orb. I’m convinced it’s a bit more than 4 degrees. For example, an eclipse or transit at 20 degrees Leo can still affect up to 5 degrees (plus or minus) of 20 degrees. In other words, anyone with personal planets, angles, or points conjunct, opposite or square of the fixed signs (Leo, Aquarius, Taurus & Scorpio) from 15-25 degrees.

    • LuLu

      What degree / orb would this eclipse have to be within to constitute it a conjunction to your personal natal points? I’ve noticed some astrologers have different orbs for different planets and points.
      For example this 2020 June 21st solar eclipse is a New Moon / Solar Eclipse @ 0deg Cancer – what if my natal N.Node is 5deg Cancer – is this a conjunction?

  • sky talk

    I feel change closing in.. start of last eclipse season I have been plagued with death and imparticular suicide. 7 deaths 4 funerals 2 attempts, 2 people unexplainable health issues brought close to death. All have been within arms reach.. with this eclipse on my ascendant that conjunct uranus/mars/ceres. One can hope for positive change.

  • Kat

    This Eclipse full on Mercury at 25 Libra and Progressed MC. Job changes, volunteering with kids, looking at all minutiae to get big picture. Saturn is on Jupiter/Neptune in Scorpio. Resuming running and health routine- cleaning up eating. Facing big home transitions as eldest applies to uni. Gratitude for all of it!

  • DP

    Wow, this is funny… the October 18th 2013 (today) eclipse is conjunct my Saturn and MC… and, I am suffering from an arthritic knee!

    Synchronicity rules!

  • LB

    This month’s Eclipse will be conjunct my 2nd house Libra Sun, Venus and North Node – and also conjunct my progressed Ascendant from the 12th, just 1 degree shy of my natal Sun (ruler of my natal 12th).

    During my last Nodal Return, I got married. I also started having past-life dreams in which I was married to an artist who passed my artwork off as his own – I tried to leave the marriage but failed. Although not a happy dream (and one that seemed to have *nothing* to do with my present-day husband), it did inspire me to pick up a paint brush and try my hand at painting. Though I’d never claim to be a great artist, I discovered I had a natural talent -especially for design and for capturing archetypal images and universal symbols. Although some people liked what I created, I stopped a few years ago and turned my attention elsewhere, trying to figure out how and what I could contribute to the world after my long-time career as an office-manager ended.

    Then yesterday morning, before I was fully awake (and, I believe, in direct answer to the previous night’s prayer), I received a bit of guidance in the form of a brief message, along with woman’s name and a single word; I knew the name and word were important, though I didn’t know how.

    When I googled them, up popped the story of an artist, a woman who’d lived and died before I was born and whose artistic contributions only became widely recognized a few years ago, many years after her death. Until the discovery, it was thought the artistic genius behind her creations was another well-known artist, the man who owned the company she worked for – like me, she was a manager. The word I’d received was the name of the one artistic creation she’d received a major award for – coincidentally, it’s also something I’d drawn myself, and in a similar style.:0 Not *nearly* as good, but still spooky. All my life, I’ve been drawn to the style of art she created.

    This woman lived during a time when married woman weren’t allowed to work. Later in life, her eventual decision to (re)marry meant giving up her beloved career (where she earned a sizable income) and living the remainder of her life in relative obscurity, though she continued to create. I imagine her sense of self-worth took a major hit, though from what I gather, she did find love.

    Reading bits of her story, I felt sad and overwhelmed, wondering about our connection and why I’d received her name. It’s hard not to wonder who I was and who I’m meant to become. This isn’t at all what I’d expected from this Eclipse. If I were her, I’m not sure I’d want all of the attention focused on me – which is what I got from your post.

    One more funny coincidence is that my progressed Sun is now conjunct this deceased artist’s natal Sun – and my natal 4th house Saturn. I’m sure there’s more to unfold. . . thanks for sharing your insights on Eclipses, April. I found this post very enlightening.:)

  • Rachel

    Hi April
    The solar eclipse on 29 April falls on my part of fortune (8 degrees Taurus) in 3rd house – can you tell me what this could mean? I am buying a (communication) business on May 1 so I am particularly nervous about it!
    Part of Fortune seems to be in play as the morning I made an offer on the business it (transiting) was conjunct (to the degree) my Venus – and at the same time transiting Venus was exactly conjunct the seller’s Part of Fortune. I took that as a good sign, especially as my offer included the words ‘win,win’. 🙂

  • Excellent post. Yikes I’m am a Capricorn rising at 9 degrees and my Midheaven is 4 Scorpio. (My Pisces and Virgo houses are intercepted.) I felt the eclipse immediately. On Wednesday morning, after driving an hour and a half (Aires rules my 3rd house) to work as a creative writing teacher (Jupiter in the 6th at 29 degrees Gemini which trines my Venus hugging the midheaven at 1 Scorpio), I arrived to school — class was cancelled due to an unforeseen power outage! I’m curious what will happen when the next one hits my Midheaven.

  • Cindie

    The lunar eclipse hits my moon directly at 15 degrees Aries in the 11th house and the solar eclipse hits my Neptune at 0 degrees Scorpio in the 5th house.

  • Gretchen

    Hi April! I received your book last week and I am reading it every spare minute I have trying to understand where to look to figure out what aspects I will have. I just need to figure out what all the lines mean on a chart…thats all…no big deal.
    Anyway, love your book!

    • Sofie

      The 2023 eclipses hit by conjunction my sun, my mc and ic, my natal Pluto Saturn and my moon by opposition.
      I really need the changes in my career and despite having Uranus transiting my 10th and the eclipses on my 10th as well nothing happens.. I am stuck in a very messy situation where I can’t improve anything despite my efforts.. what is going wrong here?? I don’t feel like doing anything else anymore

  • Gretchen

    I finally figured it out! Wow its not that hard!
    So Ive been trying to figure this all out by the time the eclipse got here so I could anticipate where the conflict would happen but the conflict arrived a little early. The eclipse squares my 28 Neptune in the 4th house. Can you guess what my boyfriend (father of our 2 yo child) and I had a major blowout over? It all started with me making soup…asking him for help, he helps but I forget what he tells me and I do forget some steps and then I yelled at him for not helping me the way I wanted and anyway…it all **boils down** to him being worried about me being able to take care of the house when goes back to work next week and Im worried too and feeling all these old emotions of feeling insecure about taking care of the everyday tasks which I have never been so proactive about. At the end of the conversation he said I just need to find a way to get things done around the house and I need to find time for me too. Find the balance between the two.
    After I read your eclipse pages and realized what the Neptune aspect meant “honoring your need for solitude and contemplation, while simultaneously taking care of the mundane tasks that take up most of our time on a day-to-day basis.” —I felt like this was all ok and this was what was supposed to happen. Right now I am just re-calibrating! I wont feel like this forever! Whew!
    Thanks April!

  • Gretchen

    Oh and also the eclipse is in my 7th house for myself and my boyfriend. I just realized its in a different house for everyone!

  • Peter

    the eclipse of April 4th 2015 conjuncts my natal Saturn (only out by minutes) it is in the tenth house. This aspect also infuses with my natal grand cardinal square, between Saturn 10th, Mercury 2nd, Jupiter 4th, and Uranus 7th. I would love to hear any intriguing input from the readers. Saturn is also close to the MC although it might be out by as much as 10degrees.

  • Rachelle

    Found this article to be quite informative! My 30th birthday is coming up quick on the 15th and it looks like with this eclipse it will be an important year. The eclipse falls on my descendant, also conjunct natal virgo sun and mercury. And roughly squares natal Neptune conjunct MC. I am currently pregnant with my pumpkin baby due this Halloween. Thought it just would be a year of adjusting but now I am not too sure what will happen. Surely some eclipse research is in my near future, though I was taking an astro-break due to extreme nesting. Jupiter is busy aggravating my natal mars afterall. Thanks for the heads up 😉

  • william

    21 virgo my asc…

    got nailed bad…

  • Jo

    I have natally moon aries (2nd house) opposite Pluto libra (8th house). My 2nd house and 8th house are intercepted (pisces and virgo). My progressed sun is 1 deg Aries. My natal moon and pluto are 4 degrees. I have a feeling this lunar eclipse will be pretty powerful.

  • Nina

    Excellent post, Thank you.

  • cj

    Sept solar is conj. pt of suicide 6, chiron, lilith virgo 9.
    the lunar in pisces seems clear 10th or 11th.
    I had pink clouds aura s and a night of creative dreaming as if I was re creating my future. I read alot about Lilith and it seemed there were a few variations but I get attacked with hostility and destruction, called a hag while reaching out for more rooting in my new awareness of non duality, fifth . dimension. Its part of the frustration of saturn/neptune square exact in four days for final time saggitarius pisces. Any helpful positives welcome. The suicide feelings happened off and on but I ve gotten onto healthier paths.

  • Linda

    Lunar hitting my conjunct Mercury,conjunct Venus, square Mars… I never get a good eclipse so my life pretty much always sucks. I was hoping that conjunct Venus would be a good thing but instead 10 days prior a guy I was extremely close to for 9 months suddenly told me he was going to be single for awhile. I was stunned. From my experience eclipses just steal any happiness you have managed to obtain. I keep hoping that we can talk and get back together again but I’m probably being foolish. I have been single and alone most of my life and I don’t need marriage but would love to have a companion. Talking to yourself gets old after awhile. Superficial relationships aren’t satisfying and I would rather avoid them so I just become a hermit sadly.

  • Maria

    Ouch… the solar eclipse on 26th February conjoints my Moon and Chiron in Pisces 3rd House opposite Pluto/North Node in Virgo 9th House…. It’s been a painful two years of the wounded healer, and can’t wait until the North & South Nodes move on into Leo/Aquarius Thankfully this will be the last Pisces/Virgo nodal eclipse… if I survive lol :/

  • Harald

    The upcoming solar eclipse of February 26th will be exactly conjunct my ascendant in 8 degrees Pisces. Sound like a life changer to me! Any ideas?

  • Primrose

    Combine these descriptions to better understand the sensitive points in your own chart that will be awakened by the upcoming eclipses on February 10, 2017 (lunar eclipse at 22.28 Leo) and February 26, 2017 (solar eclipse at 8.12 Pisces). If a planet in your birth chart, or the Ascendant/Midheaven, falls:

    between 18 and 26 degrees of Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus (Feb. 10 eclipse), or
    between 4 and 12 degrees of Pisces, Gemini, Virgo, or Sagittarius, (Feb. 26 eclipse)
    … then your reflexes will be working overtime… and that arthritic knee is going to be really, really sore.

    Holy Crap!!! You’re spot-on!

    I’ve got
    AC -14 Leo
    Uranus-17 Scorpio
    Moon- 4 Gem
    Venus- 12 Gem
    Saturn- 8 Virgo
    North Node- 11 Virgo

    Aaaand, that’s why I’ve suddenly got an arthritic knee. (That didn’t exist before this February) Looking how much this impacts my chart, no wonder all my body with its joints feels like it’s falling apart.

  • Kim

    I was hoping to find something on the eclipse being exactly on north node. My NN is 8* Pisces….any ideas? Also 11th house in solar chart. Thanks!!!!

  • black

    Must be the 6X Virgo in me.
    Despite Mercury currently retro, my copy editor self is wondering if you meant to write:
    ‘Between 25 Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, or Taurus and
    3 degrees Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, or Gemini’
    for our big upcoming solar eclipse? Not being critical Virgo, just trying to be helpful Virgo…
    love your work! thank you for all that you do.

    • Hi – yes, I did… I’m rounding up the Aug. 21 eclipse to 29 deg., so 4 degrees either side of exact. Or am I missing something else? Are you objecting to the semi-colon? 🙂 You did help me catch a mistake in the range for the Aug. 7 lunar eclipse, however.

      • Kat

        I saw the same error; for the Aug 21 eclipse, you list Virgo TWICE; the second occurrence should be Pisces. (And yes, I have Virgo rising, sixth house Pisces Sun, Saturn square the Sun.)

  • Janice

    Well, the Aug 21 eclipse in my 2nd is square my 29Sco52 sun in 5th and opposite my 28Aqu41 Saturn in 8th… So what fresh hell is this going to unleash? Anybody have any insight to offer? 11/21/64 9:18pm Memphis TN if you’re interested…

  • Ketu

    I was born 11 hours after a lunar eclipse and have the moon tightly conjunct the South Node with a 0 deg 41′ doubly applying orb using the mean nodes. My true nodes are even closer with 0d20′ orb and are stationary. Stories my mother told me indicate she was resentful of living with inlaws around the time of my birth.

    The first significant eclipse transit I am aware of was my nodal return so with it came another lunar eclipse conjunct my moon. At that time I began my first intimate relationship.

    In more recent years I have experienced some close-orb eclipse transits to other planets. On the day of my father’s death there was a lunar eclipse opposing my natal 6th house Saturn with a quarter of a degree orb. This was also a very difficult period both before and after the eclipse.

    This year the recent solar eclipse on Friday 13th tightly conjuncted my north node and opposed my moon with a 0 deg 05′ orb (nodes) and 0 deg 36′ (moon.) I am still in a long term difficult period involving health and finance which has been dragging out. One good thing that might come out of the recent solar eclipse opposite my moon is that I am at the point of feeling stifled by the clutter in my home and may resort to professional help to deal with it, which while it might not solve my other problems may at least clear the air for some positivity to come into my life and make it easier to deal with my other problems.

  • Carol

    I have a t-square with Moon 0’50 Aries, Jupiter 0’50 Cancer and Venus 29’50 Sag.
    My boyfriend’s (of 4 years) father died suddenly on the 5 January eclipse and this eclipse he has completely “ghosted” me. He’s obviously in a world of pain but the sudden disappearing act has triggered major abandonment issues. So painful.
    Well written and on point article.

    • April

      Oh my goodness… I’m so sorry, Carol. What a difficult situation for both of you. I hope you have some other people you love who can help you so that you’re able to help him. That is such a huge loss, and especially a sudden death. Sending you comfort on this eclipse night. xoxo

  • Deborah McCoy

    Hello. My midheaven is 6degrees Capricorn. Lilith is up there, too. I didn’t really understand what you meant by the mast of the boat. Since it is an opposition, different than conjunction, does it still have to do with a career change. Or is it pointing to a home change. Just curious what to look out for to utilize the possibilities in the most powerful way. Thank you for your time and any feedback.

    • April

      Because the 4th and 10th houses are part of the same polarity, eclipses or any transits to these points can indicate career OR home change. If you look back to previous years in the cycle – particularly July 2000 (for the July 2 2019 eclipse) – and see what happened for you then, it may give you more specific insight into what you can expect. The condition of Saturn in your chart is also important, since it rules your Midheaven. Hope that helps!

  • Barbra

    April, I love your insight into eclipses, and the way you’ve written about this Cancer eclipse just hits the nail on the head for all those with Cardinal focus points. I always look forward to your insightful articles. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  • Gaby

    Very helpfull! Thank you! these ‘awefull aspects’ gets us going right!? 🙂 LOL

  • My natal south node is in Taurus with north node in Scorpio. I also have Venus and Uranus in Scorpio. What fresh hell do I have to look forward to? I’m really curious about this, and a little frightened.

  • Marsy

    Go figure. I’ve never had any problems with my knees but they were aching this time – as were my shins and lower back – for days before the eclipse! I still have trouble getting out of bed. That was minor trouble though compared to the emotional angst I was experiencing during and 1,5 days after the exact event.

    The eclipse hit my Grand Fixed Cross: Ascendant in Scorpio, Saturn in Taurus, North node in Aquarius and South node in Leo. I guess I got ‘full service’, lol.

  • Elizabeth

    Thanks for this informative post! What about an opposition to my descendant, 7th house cusp? This eclipse is directly in opposition to natal Pluto and Saturn… and 7th house. Run for cover? Thanks!

  • Sophie

    I always wondered what to expect when an eclipse hits a natal planet. The first eclipse in April hit with an opposition my natal pluto Saturn conjunction in 4th house.
    It is also one leg of my yod. I feel the stagnation and stiffness of Saturn not wanting to change things. I had issues with home since last year’s eclipses that hit my 4th house and natal moon.
    I truly hope Jupiter in Taurus can come to the rescue..

  • The April 2023 solar eclipse was square my natal Uranus at 29° Libra.

    The May 2023 lunar eclipse in Scorpio is opposing my natal sun, which is at 15°40’ Taurus and which has been in a long conjunction with transiting Uranus for months (just now finally getting to the 3° separation).

    What a birthday present …

  • heather

    Just realized i had a pre birth lunar eclipse conjunct my north node in the first house (which google brought me to this column.) only info i could find relating online so far

  • Lynn

    Grateful to have found your website while searching for information on the eclipses through the houses, making so much sense when I reflect on the last 5 years.

    I’m not clear on aspects to eclipses though. Does this simply mean aspects to the sun and the moon forming the eclipse to ones natal chart? Or any aspect present at the time of the eclipse?

    I have had so much going on with a preponderance of planets in 4-6 houses (Virgo to Scorpio). The only lunar aspect I see for this upcoming eclipse in Taurus is an opposition to my natal moon… I am so glad I am good with the Darkness.

    Thank you, new subscriber. 🙂

  • Liselle

    I have 3 personal planets between 15-21 degrees of Cancer, and my Midheaven 20 degrees of Aries for the solar eclipse on April 8th… and Jupiter 7 degrees of Capricorn for the March 25 eclipse….Woohoo! Andiamo! Thanks for posting such clear info!

  • What a resourceful guide. Thank you for posting. What an intense Aries season this year!

  • Taurus

    April’s solar eclipse hit my mc exactly on it and I am looking forward for a big career change which is long overdue.. in fact I long for a dramatic change of my social status for the better.. I had been through a very difficult and restricting decade

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