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Roadblocks and shallow water: Sun/Saturn and the Full Moon

We took a nice little mini-vacation last week – a train ride to San Francisco, with stops in L.A. on the way up and Santa Barbara on the way back. Really nice and occasionally relaxing, though between vacations I conveniently forget just how exhausting it can be hauling bags around, moving around every day or two, and having to get up early to catch trains or buses to trains or whatever. No matter how great it is to get away, I’m always happy to return home, drop my bags, and relax with the cats.

Since we got back on Monday it’s been a reasonably productive week, and I’ve caught up on scads of loose ends and email – but of course there’s never enough time, even when business is slow. And it is slow right now; this happens now and then, and my ever-vigilant 2nd-house Saturn always frets and wrings its hands, convinced that the well has run dry forever and we are two steps from the poorhouse. Inevitably such moments prove to be the calm before a deluge of work, so I pat Saturn on the head and force myself to relish quiet times and use them for planning new projects. Sometimes, I even succeed.

It’s been a good week to take things slow. All week, the Sun (self/will) has been approaching its square aspect to Saturn (limitation/delay), which was exact today at 12:11 p.m. PDT. I had great plans for this morning, intending to cross a number of small but vital tasks from my agenda. But while I ultimately completed my errands, it wasn’t easy. I stumbled into a comical obstacle course of false starts and roadblocks including lost keys, hellacious traffic, a truck that stalled at the car wash, and a heroic mechanical intervention by my husband.  He and I then decided to reboot the day and paused over a nice lunch at our favorite local hangout, waiting out the aspect; since then, it’s been pretty smooth sailing.

The chart for Sunday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius (11:12 a.m. PDT) features a tight t-square between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn, so this morning has a bit more to demonstrate, I think, than the aggravations of a single morning. The Full Moon calls for reflection, and I’m reflecting on this: Where am I pushing too hard for the wrong things or at the wrong time? When is it necessary to push through blockages, and when is it wiser to heed them and wait for an easier moment?

And, with the Sun and Moon in the communicative signs Gemini and Sagittarius, when is it time to speak, and when is it better to listen? I didn’t write a new essay for the Full Moon, but in keeping with the communication theme I’m featuring a piece I wrote a few years ago:

The Shallow End of the PoolThere was a time too many of the relationships in my life were dependent on “making nice” and keeping things on a surface level. If we’re too Gemini-flexible, too facile at darting and weaving our way through interactions with people who see the world differently than we do, too reluctant to stand for any one thing, then we risk forgetting who we really are. If we don’t tell the truth about how we see the world, how can we find empathetic people to share our journey?…. read the full article

4 comments to " Roadblocks and shallow water: Sun/Saturn and the Full Moon "

  • Eme Kah

    I think the linkie is broken, baby doll. Please to fix, I wanna read the article.

  • Oops… sorry, Eme. Fixed now! Thanks for letting me know.

  • Eme Kah

    That old article helped me understand a lot about my natal 12HVenus in Gemini which is the apex of my 9HMoon in Pisces/3H Pluto in Virgo t-square. I often feel that in order to have love I have to sacrifice who I really am. I’m working on this but it’s awfully hard and may never come naturally, which is why relationships (friendships included) fill me with terror.

  • Fabulous blog! Keep up the good work. Always check in on my lunch break!

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