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Sagittarius Full Moon: I Married an Alien!

Your Stealth Sagittarius demands the freedom to create a life that’s uniquely yours. It is the part of you that is unsatisfied with having only a tiny bit of the world, and is greedy for a huge slice of it. No one, not even the most confirmed hermit, is exempt from this Sagittarian lust for a life that is more, that is bigger and freer.

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Sagittarius Full Moon: Longitude of Happiness

Sagittarius does start out on each journey so happily, as though birth were a baptism that removed all memory of the pain and terror of Scorpio, its preceding sign. Sagittarius is a bundle of instinctual joy in gleeful defiance of rationality, and the Full Moon in this sign is a big, happy, irrational invitation to join the party; to approach life with good humor, innocence, and a glint of uncivilized rowdiness. But look just a little bit closer…

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