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New Moon in Gemini: Road Trip

It’s so easy to trivialize Gemini, to dismiss it as a fickle, gossipy, lightweight sign. But that is a young person’s way of looking at it, the perspective of someone who hasn’t yet learned about the tyranny of definition.

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Gemini New Moon: On the Road to Mastery

We may think we’re only practicing doing a job, folding laundry, or creating social media posts. But there are no wasted moments as we make our way along the path toward spiritual mastery. We can practice doing it well, or we can practice being bad at it.

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Gemini New Moon: You Name It

At this liminal, magical New Moon, remember everything else that you are. Imagine yourself differently, and give that imagining a bright and joyful name all its own. It’s never too late to be someone new….

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