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Eclipses in 9th and 3rd Houses: Crisis in Mastery and Skill

by April Elliott Kent

This is PART 6 of 7. | Read the previous installment here

dancing_dark_mainDon’t know how to find where an eclipse will fall in your birthchart? This post will help.

It’s been some months since the death of her mother, and our young woman has a secret: late at night, after everyone has gone to bed, she has been rewriting her mother’s short story, and it’s been growing and growing. She’s added pieces of her own story, the one she found in that box a few years ago. And she thinks – just maybe, when she dares to think about it – that it’s good, this story, and she thinks if she had the time, she could maybe even make it into a proper book.

One morning at breakfast she confides in her husband about the story, the idea of the book. He tells her what a marvelous idea it is that she has, to write this book! “Oh, leave that damn job, you’ve hated it so long – why don’t you take a chance and do this marvelous thing?” And the more supportive he is, the more resistant she becomes. “I’m not a real writer, I majored in accounting, if I leave my job and this doesn’t work out it’ll leave this big embarrassing hole in my resume…”

In her heart of hearts, she knows she’s found her career, you see. The hours she has spent working on this story have been the happiest she’s known in years. But the thought of committing to something so unknown terrifies her. Who is she, after all, to think she can be a writer?

She feels she needs an objective analysis of her ability, so she decides to take a creative writing course at the local university. For her final paper, she submits part of her story. A week later she receives her paper in the mail with her professor’s glowing comments. The next day, her heart absolutely in her throat, she goes to work and gives two weeks notice.

Eclipses in the 9th house, like eclipses in aspect to Jupiter, invite you to take a chance in life, to act on faith, even though you may not feel that you’re up to the challenge.

Eclipses in the 3rd house, like eclipses in aspect to Mercury, provide the impulse to develop skill. Often, this is the cycle when you finally take an existing interest to the next level – like making the leap from reading and writing a language, to actually speaking it.

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© 1999 April Elliott Kent.

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2 comments to " Eclipses in 9th and 3rd Houses: Crisis in Mastery and Skill "

  • Mec

    I just had a double whammy of an eclipse (Apr 25) in my third house harmoniously aspecting my Mercury and Jupiter in the 5th and 11th houses, respectively. The day before the eclipse I completed and submitted a book proposal to a renowned literary agency on an idea that came to me in December 2012. Though wondering if I have the chutzpah to pull this off, I figured I would take a risk and just do it. Lets see how it all turns out.

  • Natalie

    I really enjoyed the way this was written. The next eclipses will take place in my 3rd and 9th house and this really spoke to me.
    Thanks for sharing in the form of a story! 😄

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