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Astrology Q&A: Where does the transit fall in my chart?

Can you please advise how can I find out in which House of my Birth Chart is the New Moon? How do I find it? How about other transiting planets that you refer to in your articles? Help!

I get this question a lot, and this is actually one of the things that confused me when I was getting started in astrology. I’ll take a crack at making this simple.

If you like your instructions in writing, drop down below the video and a step-by-step example, using an chart.

If you’re more of a video person, you can take a gander at this one, which is about 7 minutes long  (select the “full screen” version to see it a bit better):

The video goes into a lot more depth as to the hows and whys, but here’s the quick and dirty method.

Let’s say you’re reading one of my essays and I mention an upcoming New Moon at 2.22 Aries. First of all, what does 2.22 mean? It stands for 2 degrees and 22 minutes. Each sign has 30 degrees, numbered from 0 to 29. Each degree has 60 minutes. (It’s kind of like a clock; think of the degree as the hour.) So this means the New Moon was about 2 and 2/3 degrees into the sign of Aries. Not very far along at all.

Fine. In which house of your chart does this New Moon fall?

  1. First, get your chart. If you don’t have your chart, go to Astrodienst and calculate it for free. You’ll need your date, exact time, and place of birth. Then, come back and join us.
  2. Okay. You’ve got your chart. First thing to do is find the house cusp with Aries on it. Aries looks like this:
  3. Rejoin me by scrolling down to the bottom of this image:

You’ll see Aries highlighted on the above chart in the bottom right-hand quadrant. The 30 degrees of Aries (0-29) in my chart straddle the 5th house cusp. That means some of Aries is in my 4th house (before the 5th house cusp) and some Aries falls in my 5th house (after the cusp).

The question is, which part of Aries is in which house?

I think Astrodienst provides an amazing service to up-and-coming astrologers and students. I’d have killed to have access to free chart drawings when I was starting out. But between you and me, I find their charts kind of hard to read. Here’s the skinny.

Underneath the list of planets in signs is a little table that shows which degrees of which signs are on the house cusps:

Well, AC stands for Ascendant, and that’s the 1st house cusp. MC stands for Midheaven, and that’s the 10th house cusp. But what happened to the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th house cusps?

They are always at the same degree as the opposite house cusp, but in the opposite sign.

In this chart:

  • 1st house cusp is 1.55 Sagittarius, so the 7th house cusp is 1.55 Gemini
  • 2nd house cusp is 28.39 Sagittarius, so the 8th house cusp is 28.39 Gemini
  • 3rd house cusp is 1.08 Aquarius, so the 9th house cusp is 1.08 Leo
  • 4th house cusp is 15.41 Pisces, opposite the Midheaven at 15.41 Virgo
  • 5th house cusp is 11.18 Aries, opposite 11th house cusp at 11.18 Libra
  • 6th house cusp is 6.41 Taurus, opposite 12th house cusp at 6.41 Scorpio

So the 5th house cusp in this chart begins at 11.18 degrees Aries. This means that anything at 0 – 11.17 degrees of Aries falls in my 4th house, and everything from 11.18 to 29.59 degrees of Aries falls in the 5th house.

Therefore, the New Moon at 2.22 Aries falls in my 4th house.

“But I don’t see Aries anywhere on my chart!”

This is called an interception. (Here’s a blog post about interceptions.) This means the sign doesn’t appear on a house cusp. But I assure you, there are still 30 degrees of Aries in your chart. Signs don’t just disappear – least of all Aries.

In this case, all 30 degrees of Aries are completely contained in the house between the cusp with Pisces (the sign before Aries) and the house with Taurus (the sign after Aries) on the cusps.   So anything transiting in Aries falls in that house.

I hope that helps!

What does it mean to have a transit/eclipse/New Moon/whatever in a particular house? Here’s a quick cheat-sheet.

17 comments to " Astrology Q&A: Where does the transit fall in my chart? "

  • Krystal

    I have eight planets in the eighth house, which share Cancer/Leo, with Sag. Ascen., Pisces moon. I have studied Astrology off and on for a number of years, but still get confused when looking for chart information. Do you go back to your natal chart info, or use a progressed chart as reference points to find out what degree a planet is in?

    • Hi Krystal – In the case of looking at where transits fall in your chart, usually you’ll look to the natal chart. I heard a lecture by the late, great Robert Blaschke, though, in which he made a strong case for looking at transits to the progressed chart – in particular, transits of slow-moving planets to critical progressed points, like the Sun. Hope that helps!

  • Most

    “In this case, all 30 degrees of Aries are completely contained in the house between the cusp with Pisces (the sign before Aries) and the house with Taurus (the sign after Aries) on the cusps.”

    Could you please give me an example?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hannah D

    My sun is in Sag, ascendent is in Leo, moon is in Gemini, and I love reading your articles. We could be long lost star sisters or something. Fire power!

  • Laurie

    I am still very lost on this. I got the free chart and see that Aries is in the 8th and 9th house but that is as far as I could go.

  • Eva

    Thanks for a great site and great posts!
    This moon eclipse falls in my 3rd house oposing my natal venus by degree (my sun ruler + 4/5/9 house ruler) … Tr. sun will subsequently be right on my venus AND sextiling my chart ruler Jupiter in 1st house by degree as well. I hope this Means something good. THANKS
    Br Eva

  • Kayla

    I know my planets, signs, houses they are in & degrees. But I cant seem to understand the whole planet transit thing! I just get confused with the degrees.

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the helpful information. What software program are you using in the video?

  • Michelle

    Thanks, April. Unfortunately, it looks like all the software programs you linked to cost approximately $200. What affordable software program do you recommend for beginners (non-professionals)? I’m interested in tracking transits.

  • The least expensive program I’ve found is Pegasus:

    If anyone else has anything to recommend, chime in.

    Astrology software is specialized, and the market for it is relatively small, hence the higher prices than some other software.

  • Michelle

    Thanks April!

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  • I have a great app on my phone called TimePassagesPro
    The app is 29.99 in the apple store and it is well worth the small investment. I use mine daily and find the information very useful.

  • Polly

    Hi April😊
    I have no clue what so ever how to work out how the eclipse will affect me in anyway😉was wondering if you could help or give me a little insight please? My date of birth is 17th April 72 born @ 02.15am💐💫 many kind regards & happy wishes. Polly 💟xx

  • Lilah

    April, I’m confused about the clockwise and counterclockwise of the signs and the houses. The houses are counter-clockwise, and you count in the counter-clockwise direction to find the degrees. But it looked like in your video you counted clockwise up from Pisces to find 2 degrees Pisces.

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