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Eclipses in 10th and 4th Houses: Direction and Connection

by April Elliott Kent

This is PART 5 of 7. | Read the previous installment here

dancing_dark_mainDon’t know how to find where an eclipse will fall in your birthchart? This post will help.

It’s a couple of years since our young woman rediscovered that story she’d written, and eclipses have moved on to the 10th and 4th houses of her chart. She’s happily married, emotionally sound, she has new friends and creative energy to burn; but she finds herself feeling the lack of a strong purpose, a direction, a sense of meaning to her life. She dislikes her job and doesn’t feel she is working in her ideal profession; her boss is a real tyrant, and lately has been piling lots of work on her and blaming her for missing deadlines she didn’t know existed.

Her husband encourages her to leave the job; after all, they both can live on his income. But that wouldn’t solve the problem, because it goes deeper than just her problems with her boss: she doesn’t know what to do with her life.

She might have more clarity, she suspects, if her mother had provided a stronger role model. Her mother stayed at home and cooked pot roast and raised her kids, and that certainly is not the direction our modern young woman wants to take.

Then one day, as eventually happens in life, her mother dies. Our young woman returns to the family home –and, metaphorically, to her fourth house– to celebrate her mother and mourn her loss, to grapple with endings and mortality. One day, sorting through a trunk of her mother’s mementos, she finds something that shocks her: the yellowed, hastily scrawled pages of a short story her mother had written years before. Her mother, a writer? She’d never thought of her mother as a writer, or indeed as a creative person at all.

If the 10th house and Saturn, its natural ruler, send you out into the world to see the meaning of life, the 4th house and the natal Moon send you on a treasure hunt deep within yourself and into your lineage. Here, you’ll find the raw material, the diamonds in the rough, that you can polish and refine into a meaningful gift to offer the world.

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© 1999 April Elliott Kent.

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