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Venus moves into Libra: Why isn’t the sky raining gum drops?

This evening, Venus will enter Libra, one of the signs of her rulership. There she will reside, buffing her nails and daintily nibbling bon-bons, through October 8. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? The world swathed in silk, spiders spinning cotton candy webs, dogs and cats lying down together… right?


Honey, no. Just… no. Within days of entering Libra, Venus will:

  • oppose Uranus (Sep. 17), the astrological equivalent of shoving an ice cream cone into a light socket;
  •  square newly-direct Pluto (Sep. 18), unleashing a good six months’ worth of interpersonal gremlins and barely-suppressed loathing;
  • struggle to maintain a tactful distance from Mars during its last testy days in Cancer (Mars enters Leo on September 18);
  • gear up for a good-news/bad-news conjunction with Saturn (Sep. 29). The good news: both Venus and Saturn are at their best in Libra. The bad news: Even at their best, they’re awkward bedfellows. A combination that can spell “financial and relational maturity and persistence” can also be interpreted as “cold, selfish, and stubborn.” (Your mileage may vary. Consult your astrologer for advice on your specific situation. Etc.)

So I hate to be the one to break it to you, but placing Venus in Libra in a solar system full of bigger, slower, meaner planets that are in a bad mood is about as effective as putting a Glade air freshener in a slaughterhouse.  Both are fighting way out of their weight class.

That said, early October heralds somewhat happier days for Venus in Libra. Want to get married, buy something gorgeous, throw a divine party? Early October is your window of opportunity. Until then, hold fast to your wallet, proceed with caution in all relationships, and reconcile yourself to getting your gum drops the old fashioned way – with a trip to 7-11.

10 comments to " Venus moves into Libra: Why isn’t the sky raining gum drops? "

  • Awww … this is a really funny post, and a good reminder, but Venus has the ability to walk in beauty, as the Navajo pray. Think of those movie scenes where someone walks through a maelstrom and comes out whole!

  • Brilliant! Venus transit through Libra this time around does remind me of a little kitten walking in to a room that’s filled with lions, tigers and other big scary animals. You put it perfectly.

  • unoynot

    Love your site and graphics and especially your interpretations and turn of a phrase. If it must be baddish news at least it’s delivered with a smile. Thanks, I’ll be back…..

  • v

    Gees, this is what i can expect for a an exact return at 20 degrees, i may never come out of my apt and or stop working again. geeeez!

  • Bummer. After 24 years of knowing each other, on 14 Sept at around 11pm my best friend and I finally talked about the mutual attraction that had developed in the past two years. Venus did oppose Uranus that night, didn’t it? It sure as hell was unexpected. Ah, well. It was a beautiful night anyway. I would hate to lose his friendship though. He’s been such a great source of comfort.

    • Marly, isn’t that an exciting, terrifying, and yes, very Venus/Uranus (attraction to a friend) turn of events! It is scary to make that leap from “just friends” to “something more.” It doesn’t always work out, but sometimes friends do transition into a happy, enduring romantic relationship. Good luck to you – and find your own truth in your heart and instincts, not in my ramblings. 🙂

      • Thank you, April. I’m in a total daze, just thinking, Wow, something really beautiful just happened to me! (According to astro, Venus and Mars were in a sextile that night).

        Btw, transiting Pluto is exactly opposite my Ascendant. So I am sure all kinds of stuff will come out. We shall see.

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