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State of the Onion

Heh. Someone caught George tidying up before a visit from Chinese President Hu Jintao – perhaps to keep his mind off this evening’s oral presentation on the state of the union (in a word: “disgruntled”):

“I knew he was coming, but I didn’t realize he was coming today—just look at this place,” said a visibly flustered Bush, as he and his Secret Service detail hurriedly picked up trash along Interstate 66 near Arlington, VA. “We got the area around the Mall spotless, but now it just makes the rest of the city look worse. There are homeless people cluttering up our streets—and not just here, but in Denver and San Francisco, too.”

“It’s humiliating how much we let this place go,” Bush added.

Isn’t it just?

So what will be Bush’s tone during this evening’s address – chastened? chagrined? conciliatory? Will charges leveled at VP Dick “Darth” Cheney by the prosecution in today’s installment of the “Scooter” Libby trial – that Cheney was behind the Valerie Plame leak (surprise!) possibly have chastened the beleaguered “President”? Don’t bet on it; the Moon is in feisty Aries, coming off a square to Mars earlier in the day….