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Obama and Me

There are many interesting things about Barack Obama, but my interest in him is personal: We are nearly birthday twins, born just 26 hours apart. Both of us were born with a Leo Sun in the 9th house and a Gemini Moon in the 7th house. We’re both writers; both lost our fathers in car accidents (I at age 9, he at age 21); and both currently have transiting Saturn and progressed Venus hovering around natal Uranus.

The conclusion I have drawn from these corollaries is obvious: Today, friends, I declare my candidacy for President of the United States.

PSYCH! Nah, I don’t want the job. Give it to the guy with Mars in the 11th house (team player), Scorpio ascendant (politically astute), and rock-star Leo Midheaven. With my Sag ascendant and Virgo midheaven, and Mars in the 10th, I’d rather be free to do my own thing. But I wish my near-celestial twin well in his bid for White House, and shall watch his journey with interest – despite the uncomfortable feeling that I’m simply not ready to be the same age as the President of the United States.

Obama appears to be meeting with rather more success in his career at the moment than I am, having been propelled into the spotlight by his dazzling oratory skills. My oratory skills, on the other hand, just earned a rejection of my application to speak at UAC, the big astrology conference being held next year in Denver. Ah well, me and about a hundred other people, and it’s not as though I have an illustrious resume after all. Still, at midlife – when one’s birthday mates are, after all, bidding on positions such as Leader of the Free World – one feels a little dejected to realize the upper echelon of one’s own profession may prove forever elusive. Who knows… perhaps Barack feels the same way, some days.
Sag-like, though, I insist on viewing this turn of events as a blessing in disguise; tomorrow’s New Moon falls very close to my natal Jupiter. When a door closes, sometimes a window opens – although sometimes a bird flies in through that window and poops on your desk.

Keep a screen on your window, Mr. Obama.

8 comments to " Obama and Me "

  • Damn, I knew that chart looked familiar! LOL.

    Where on earth did they get his birth time?

  • LOL! I think a lot of fee stuck right now.

    I LOVE Obama and you too!

    The conference does not know what it will be missing.

  • Unlike politicians, those in the upper echelons of the astrology world don’t have to give up their posts after one term.

  • Oh MAN! I should not get on the computer first thing. Missing words and letters!

    I meant to say: I think a lot of us feel stuck right now. LIKE A GIANT BRICK WALL IS RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY FACE AND I CAN’T GET AROUND IT.

  • Michele Lessirard

    Get your soap box out like the Our Gang Comedies (hey I am showing my age), and invite all of us to hear you speak…sit tight and just kow they’ll be chasing you down in a couple of years begging to hear your words of wisdom. **smile**

  • Thanks y’all – I didn’t mean to whine, so I hope it didn’t come across that way. Expressing the occasional disappointment is just the natural consequence of having a blog that’s based on the events of my life! Lord knows, I certainly wouldn’t want the job of deciding who’s going to speak at those conferences.

    Michele, I remember Our Gang too, so don’t feel bad. 😉 You may yet see me setting up my soapbox in a parking lot near you. Maybe I’ll buy a little Airstream trailer, bundle up the spouse and cats, and go on tour!

    Chin up, Nancy. I suspect your big brick wall is that big clump of planets in Aquarius, getting ready for a big face-off with Saturn in Leo. Right now they’re like a bunch of pool balls in a rack – and the Jupiter/Uranus square on Monday should come along and break things up a little!

  • Congrats at not speaking at the conference. Though with Uranus opposing your MC this year, they might still change their minds. Amongst Hierarcho-astrologers you’d be expected to pretend to know what you’re talking about. You’d have to be ‘Professional’. Boring. Leave them to their fantasies of bigshots and wannabes. Your blog audience is the real one.

  • Thanks, Dharmaruci – you’re a pal. Funny how I’ve been so focused on Uranus conjunct the IC (will I move? will an earthquake destroy our house?!) and have completely spaced on Uranus opposed the MC! And hey, I did get invited to speak at The Blast, which promises to be anything but boring – very loose and anarchic. There’s that Uranus, I suppose!