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Thursday Thirteen Vol. 24

thursday 13

13 Random Acts of Whatever

I’m too burned out to be creative – so here are 13 utterly random bits of whatever, to fulfill my Thursday 13 quota (since I missed last week):

  1. Twelve years ago today, my brother died, completely out of the blue.
  2. I found out by phone.
  3. Two years later, my mother died, suddenly but marginally less shockingly.
  4. I found out by phone.
  5. Three years later, my aunt died, which was pretty much expected.
  6. I found out – you guessed it! – by phone.
  7. Between all these Calls o’ Death and a couple of years I spent working on hideous psychic hotlines, I hate the bloody phone. Really. I almost never answer the thing.
  8. Can you say, “Moon in Gemini square Pluto?”
  9. After years of staunch refusal to traffic in all things Chiron, today I found myself toying with the idea of adding it to the lineup of planets and other things that I use in my readings.
  10. On the other hand, it looks like I’ll soon be taking (yet) a(nother) sabbatical from doing readings.
  11. I’m already thinking about writing another book. It sort of becomes a habit. I should find out the fate of the other one within a couple of weeks.
  12. I can’t believe my Progressed Moon is getting ready to flip over into Aquarius. It seems like it just entered Capricorn. On the other hand…
  13. I can’t wait for my Progressed Moon to flip over into Aquarius. It feels like it’s been in Capricorn forever.

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3 comments to " Thursday Thirteen Vol. 24 "

  • None of these are random. Sending Love & Light your way.

    I hate the phone. I have spent most nights, this week, going right to bed. I have read four, yes four, books this week and fully intend to read another one tonight. All fiction and seem much more worthy than my real life.

    My moon moon changes in a couple of months. To Taurus, I believe.

  • Ugh!

    I found out via phone about our family tragedy years ago — via phone from our family physician when I was calling about the results of an allergy test. Not even from my family!

    This whole phone thing is insane. So, I hear ya, sweetheart.

  • Michele Lessirard

    I love Chiron, and obvious he’s working and loving you. I too hate the phone so I can relate to the sabatical and phone avoidance issue. I am sorry about your brother, mother and aunt…it took me 20 years to fully grieve my grandma. **sigh** and I still miss her. Sending warm hugs your way.