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Political commentary from astrologer Terry Lamb

My San Diego colleague Terry Lamb has a new political blog, and her inaugural (get it? it’s a pun!) post takes an astrological look at tomorrow night’s presidential debate. (Spoiler: advantage, Obama.) And don’t miss her October forecast, full of interesting commentary about the current Mercury retrograde, the election, and all the rest.

4 comments to " Political commentary from astrologer Terry Lamb "

  • Wow. I’m shocked that she didn’t mention anything about the transit of Saturn to McCain’s natal Neptune. That seems like a major miss. I also wonder where she got his birth info. I’ve never found reliable data and so I’m really reluctant to make predictions based on his more sensitive points, like the MC.

  • Sheris White

    San Francisco astrologer David Cook’s site, stellar insights 108, has a link to John McCain’s birth certificate in Colon, Panama, giving a time of 6:25 pm.

    Astrology Mundo has a new chart for McCain giving a 2/24 degree Aquarius moon with a Pices ascendent. Interestingly, Sara Palin’s moon is 4 degrees Aquarius. They both have the same part of fortune at 2 degrees Leo.

  • It still doesn’t explain the massive miss of t. Saturn conjunct his natal Neptune. Also, we still don’t have an accurate birth time for Palin, so it doesn’t feel productive to me to discuss PoF.

  • Sheris White

    My birthday is 9 days after McCain’s, so I also have transiting saturn conjunct my natal Neptune and Sun.

    The 4:40 pm birth time for Sara Palin is the one I use.

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