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Eating my vegetables.

Right. Where were we?

It took a week or so, but I finally shook off my post-vacation funk and the residue of that nasty flu. I’m working against a writing deadline for Llewellyn’s 2010 Moon Sign Book, but this particular article has been rather shockingly easy to put together… naturally, I’m convinced this means it’s crap. But crap or not, it’s almost done, at least.

In my idle moments these past few days, I’ve done a lot more political web surfing than is healthy for me; like Lynn I’m determined to avoid burying my blog under the groaning weight of endless political screeds, rants, and conjecture during this election season. The 2004 election nearly killed me, and I simply don’t have it in me to get so heavily invested again. True, it’s pretty clear the GOP has completely jumped the shark with this Palin thing; but if 8 years of Bush have taught me anything it’s to never underestimate the shallow, venal stupidity of a vast number of American people. So who knows which way this thing will go. Astrologers almost never get it right when they try to predict this stuff, and I’m not even gonna try.

My fellow bloggers (and various wedding couples) are beginning to buzz a bit about the Venus/Mars conjunction next week, but the grouchy tone of that last paragraph (and various aches and pains) reminds me that I’ll need to get past tomorrow’s Sun/Saturn conjunction before I can drift off to Venus/Mars sexy, scintillating shores. Nose to the grindstone, and all that. Attend to business on Wednesday – eat all our vegetables – and then Thursday’s Sun/Jupiter trine can be dessert. Let’s make it a date.

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