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Aquarius New Moon: The Greedy Cusp

aquarius-pisces-cups-350An Aquarian client with a Pisces Moon describes her current situation as living in limbo, poised between two radically different lives, with one foot in each and an ass that’s still very much on the fence. She’s drawn to a new life, but committing to it means losing everything she has; remaining in the old one makes every kind of sense intellectually, but is emotionally untenable. There is little point trying to offer advice to someone in such a situation. It would be like telling a mouse that it needs to make a decision about whether to leave its trap.

This New Moon falls at the dying gasp of Aquarius’ very last degree, just one minute before the Moon enters Pisces and three minutes before the Sun enters Pisces. I’m on record as disliking the idea of “being on the cusp” between two signs. Usually, it is a concept boasted by someone who was born on the day the Sun changes signs, has not had his or her chart properly calculated, and takes it as an opportunity to plant a flag in both signs. I’ve always insisted that it doesn’t work that way; you are one thing or another, and you don’t get to be both. This cusp business has always struck me as a bit greedy, somehow.

But if ever something could claim to be “on the cusp” between two signs, it’s this New Moon. Like my client, it is a New Moon that is living on the cusp between Aquarian and Pisces experiences, and insists on laying claim to both worlds. It is a New Moon that is neither (Pisces) fish nor fowl, and a little bit greedy – for something new, for freedom, or simply for an end to a difficult situation.

Technically, it’s a New Moon in Aquarius, a sign as fixed and stubborn as they come, and perhaps you’re living a life that is technically much the same as it’s been for ages. But it’s a New Moon with one foot, or maybe two, wiggling their toes in Pisces’ waters. You might find yourself wondering what it would be like to grab for two lives with both hands, instead of settling for just one. Wondering whether you could pull it off, get away with it.

But I don’t know anyone who has, not really. Lives are filled with promises we make to ourselves, our loved ones, society. We are free to renegotiate them at any time, if we are willing to do so with honesty and honor and to accept the consequences. It can be so difficult to do that; but it we don’t, it’s not our loved ones or society holding us prisoner.

At this New Moon, I imagine some of us are caught up in that cusp, children hanging tightly to the edge of the swimming pool, afraid to let ourselves drift into deeper waters, however tempting they are, however seductive their influence. We imagine we could manage it if we were willing to dog-paddle vigorously enough, or if we could trust ourselves to simply relax and float. But we’re not sure of the water, not quite yet. It looks lovely on the surface, but we know that there may be dangers waiting for us over in the deep end. Maybe, we think, it’s better here, holding on to what is sure and solid, even if it’s sort of killing us.

Well, if this is your story, or the story of someone you know, I have about as much advice to offer as I would to that mouse in the trap. Other than to say, Aquarius is a sign that, at its core, demands freedom; and Pisces is a sign that isn’t precisely about that. The ancients saw it as a sign of spiritual obligation, of solitude, even of self-undoing. So if we let go of the side of the pool, hoping for an experience of delicious freedom, what we’ll find it probably something much more complicated. Perhaps something we couldn’t have foreseen. Almost certainly, a different set of obligations.

A life that has only exactly the amount of freedom we’re willing to grant ourselves.

© 2015 April Elliott Kent

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11 comments to " Aquarius New Moon: The Greedy Cusp "

  • Eileen O'Toole

    great read…. thanks, from one mouse dreaming to be a rat.

  • This New Moon will be in my 4th House and within 2 minutes of exactly opposing my 10th House Sun/Mercury at 29.57Leo. Hand surgery this Friday, so it’s no surprise I might be spending more time at home.

  • Sara Victoria

    This lunation is hours before my Solar Return – and I was also born on a Pisces New Moon, so it’s a major one. And, with Saturn squaring my Sun and Pluto, it is ENTIRELY a new cycle, one in which I’ll need the strength of Saturn to meet the challenges of Saturn, lol.. Great post..

  • Sylvia Bogart

    Hear! Hear! I do know lots of people just like that and I have found as you have that if someone argues for their pain they get to keep it. It is strange to me that they feel like they have to convince someone of it in the first place, maybe that is the only way that they can make a decision. Blaming it on someone else is always a comfort, I guess. I agree, this situation sound very messy and I have officially given myself the time out for it to pass not making any major decisions until all the fuzziness and fussiness has had a chance to subside or at the very least to settle. I love the thing you said earlier about the Goat/Ram/Sheep and in our very real world I think that we vary often between all three. Love and Lightning!

  • Laurie

    This new moon is conjunct my natal moon. I am clinging to that edge of a very deep pool. hanging on much longer seems impossible, and letting go is frightening beyond anything I have ever done before.

  • Iglika Langard

    Awesome essay! One of your best, I must confess :-). Thank you

  • Avi

    Well written and thoughtful insights. Maybe too many questions were asked, but that is my approach and preference, leaving the inferred unsaid and is not meant as criticism. This lunation is also minutes (of arc) or hours (of time) before my Solar Return and I too was born under Pisces New Moon! The Year of the Fire Snake. With warm regards.

  • Kat

    Great essay. Interesting comment on Pisces and solitude. My South node is in Pisces in the 8th house, and conjunct Chiron. Neptune is hanging out with Chiron right now at 6 degrees Pisces.

    Thinking lately I spend too much time alone, and I need to rebuild my life. The work I have is not safe – came to my difficult understanding of that last week – as i have spent the last two years hanging on as I thought it was safe. (It is not.)

    Interesting and Timely article. Now I have to figure out how to get over there to that North Node in Virgo. Aquarius is seventh house.

  • chrissie

    yep its decision time, fire versus ice, been tortured by iceman, for 6 months, silent treatment. his moon pisces 5th house, aquarius 4th, ascendant scorpio oh cancer sun, so ths leo gemini aries gal is drowning in his cesspool, but wait i have resurfaced, to claim my soul back. decision time to move on, thankyou for this post, very meaningful, one door closes another one opens, leo gal wants to ROAR, SMILE, live once again. namaste

  • So good, this spoke right to me. Thank you!!!

  • Annie

    Dearest April, Thank you for a most interesting article on the New Moon in Aquarius. Not sure how it effects me as it is my Birthday today February 18th, I was born in England, however live in Canada now and I have a Moon, Mars, and Venus in Aries. It does seem a very good energy to start my new year as also as you said it is also the start of the Chinese New Year of the Goat.

    Take care and many blessing to you and your family

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