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Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Radio Silence

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This Full Moon–a lunar eclipse in Aquarius–is designed to give a full and truthful accounting of how well we’re navigating Aquarius’ territory. The Full Moon never lies. It’s that interval in the lunar cycle when not even the night time is dark enough to hide our hurts, fears, and flaws. Are you a happy Aquarian camper? Are you spending time with people who engage your finest qualities, or do you disappear in a group, unappreciated and overlooked?…

Aries Lunar Eclipse: Rights, Grievances, and Relating

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This Lunar Eclipse is at the Moon’s South Node, symbolizing the need to release old patterns; in order for relationships to work, each partner has to be willing to let go of having their own way…. This demands some complex algebra to calculate whether or not that is a sacrifice that we’re prepared to make, or even capable of making—and whether the relationship has earned such a sacrifice….

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: I’m a Stranger Here Myself

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Sagittarius is usually presented as such a happy, positive sign, but being a stranger is not always a great feeling. An eclipse in this sign evokes the Stranger, the wanderer within you, who was fated to leave the people to whom she belonged in order to have strange new experiences far from home. To make the whole world your home, you might have to let loose of the specific places and situations that give you a sense of belonging….

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Beyond Words

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This Full Moon in Gemini is a lunar eclipse, when the Moon slips into the earth’s shadow and is hidden from view. It reminds us that even in the age of constant information, constant contact, there are moments when the comforting Gemini gifts we take for granted can be taken away, when the world’s comforting voices diminish into unsettling silence….

Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius: Quilting

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The Moon’s North Node in Sagittarius or the ninth house demands that, like a confused college undergraduate, we must choose a major emphasis for our life’s curriculum. We have to acknowledge that we can’t ever have all the answers we seek, or even know all the questions; at some point, we have to turn off the stream of incoming information and trust that we can make something worthwhile from what we already know….

Eclipses: Magic in the Dark

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Sometimes, momentous events take place without our noticing; it’s only in hindsight that everything seems clear, even preordained. This is often the case with eclipses. We wait with bated breath for something dramatic to happen on the day of an eclipse, or the week before, or (surely) a few days after. And when it appears […]