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Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Radio Silence

aquarius lunar eclipse

The radio program This American Life recently devoted an entire episode to the topic of summer camp. Most of the kids that were interviewed loved camp, its rituals, language, and most of all, the feeling of belonging. Some said they thought about camp all year long, speaking “camp language” to bewildered hometown friends. A few even grew up to become counselors at the same camps they attended as children.

Listening to this program was as close as I’ll probably ever come to eavesdropping on actual aliens. I’m the molecular opposite of a summer camp girl. The few times I went away to camp, I was the miserable kid who counted the hours until it was time to leave. I loved being outdoors, but the enthusiastic singalongs and team-oriented activities – the Aquarian territory – made me clench up inside like a horrified fist. I was born when Jupiter was transiting Aquarius, but it was also opposed by a jumbo serving of Leo planets at the time. I’m simply not built for groups.

To this day, whenever I attend conferences (my profession’s version of summer camp), I hide out a lot, maintaining radio silence while conserving my solar energy for presenting lectures. I marvel at my socially adept colleagues, rock stars who glide through the days in glittering, confident packs. They clearly love camp, in the way I always imagine I will—until I get there, and find that I’m counting down the hours until I’m back in my quirky little home.

This Full Moon–a lunar eclipse in Aquarius–is designed to give a full and truthful accounting of how well we’re navigating Aquarius’ territory. The Full Moon never lies. It’s that interval in the lunar cycle when not even the night time is dark enough to hide our hurts, fears, and flaws. Are you a happy Aquarian camper? Are you spending time with people who engage your finest qualities, or do you disappear in a group, unappreciated and overlooked? Is there room within your tribe for disagreement and individualism, or is nonconformity quickly punished? It’s great to feel that you belong, and miserable to realize that you don’t. But whichever is usually true for you, it’s helpful to give yourself a little silence and space to remember who you are on your own, celebrate your own rituals, and create your own language.

Looking back through previous years when lunar eclipses fell near this same degree (see the end of this article for a list), I see a pattern of exile, of adjusting to new environments and feeling (or actually being) estranged from friends and colleagues. Each of these eclipse times was painful enough that I remember it vividly, even the ancient, prehistoric ones. But there’s another thread that runs through that tapestry of years, a golden thread of solitude led that led me to fecund creativity. I located my source, identified my destination, and eventually returned from exile a truer and more courageous version of myself.

Without fresh blood and innovative ideas, the in-group echo chamber grows stale. That’s why even the most happily Aquarian among us can benefit from an occasional retreat from the fold. You certainly don’t have to give up your friends for good, but a little time alone wouldn’t hurt at this Full Moon. Step away from social media and shut off your phone for a few days. Left to your own devices, you might discover interests and inspiration that can only be found on your own.

The August 21 New Moon, one of the most talked-about Solar Eclipses in years, takes place in individualistic Leo. Solar Eclipses are unsettling and can push the qualities of their sign into overdrive, and when Leo qualities are exaggerated they look an awful lot like bluster and vanity. By maintaining radio silence for a little while before the big event, you might reclaim a stronger sense of self and will naturally express positive Leo energy instead—creative inspiration, honest pride, courage, self-expression, and leadership.

Each trip to Aquarius Eclipse camp has left me feeling lonely and a little bit isolated for awhile. But ultimately, they’ve helped me build an unshakeable self-reliance. Let this Full Moon one do the same for you. Spend a little time rediscovering the truth in yourself and gaining perspective on who you are and what you want. Then, you’ll be ready to stride out onto your personal Serengeti, strong, tall, and proud—and that’s how your real tribe will find you.

Eclipses near 15.25 Aquarius recently took place on Aug. 6, 1971 (lunar), Feb. 4, 1981 (solar), Aug. 6, 1990 (lunar), Aug. 8, 1998 (lunar), Feb. 5, 2000 (solar), Feb. 7, 2008 (solar), and Aug. 6, 2009 (lunar).

© 2017 April Elliott Kent

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11 comments to " Aquarius Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse: Radio Silence "

  • I noticed two things about the past eclipses: the lunar eclipses were non memorable, and the solar events huge: moving to the country and starting a new school as a child (1981), moving back to the country with my brand new at the time partner (2000), having my second baby and my partner losing his job (2008). I wonder what this one will bring?

    • Oh Sara, I’m holding you close during this eclipse season! It’s definitely something to not take lightly. But yesss unplugging so you keep centered sounds like a really great way to prepare for any shifts that occur!

  • Kit

    Absolute Golden Wisdom. Thank you for your soulful Guidance. So appreciate it!

  • Irmi1969

    A wonderful article, April. I feel proud to be a fellow Leo.
    Your point of view about the Aquarius disconnect is new to me, but immediately resonated. And the list of eclipse dates could be described as the bad parts of the story of my life. On each date, I felt exceptionally alienated, often to the point of total misery.

  • appreciated. and a smooth and happy re-entry to you!

  • Thank you, April, for the fantastic post. Your writing is top notch… so glad to have discovered you!

  • Rhonda

    I am feeling very similar to the description in your article. I seem to be struggling the needed retreat. Your article has given me the courage to surrender, a least for a little bit. Thank you!

  • Karen

    Great post April! Your creativity surely shines forth! I ALWAYS enjoy your posts.
    Thanks so much!

  • Caryl

    I didn’t go to camp too many times and don’t remember how I felt when I did but I was a camp counselor one summer and it was like being a camper with benefits!
    I do agree about retreating now and then and to that end I have retreated from Facebook for the summer. Honestly, I don’t miss it much.

  • As today is my Lunar Eclipse Birthday (Aug 7) and my natal S. Node is in Aquarius anyways (and my Ascendant), as well as today is my literal solar return day, I can completely attest to the accuracy of your well-written article: exile, lost in group. However, today, in an entirely new light, I finally feel like a Leo – I will do whatever I want to do, and I don’t feel exiled. I feel at home. Quite like a cat can’t be bothered. I feel loved, excepted, and with plenty of friends (milk and cookies) that have, by now, gotten used to me doing *exactly* what it is that I want to do, and nothing else! Even if it means, saying: No, I want to be alone and have unstructured play time. Happy Birthday to ME!
    xo Ka

    The only thing left to do at “camp” is sing by the light of the campfire, break out the s’mores, and with the flashlight-created shadows, tell ghost stories 🙂 I’m also sending you really good juju for your upcoming shindig!

  • Interesting that you put it like that – I’m not a group kind of girl unless it’s a circle of my close friends and I’m an Aquarius (Sun, Mars and Mercury in Aquarius in 11th). I can function in a group but it’s not where I feel at home. Then again, I do have Moon and Jupiter conjunct in Leo although they are not opposing the Aquarius planets.
    That said, I kind of think I could work well in a camp if people gave me enough space to be alone at times. 🙂 I’m not American so summer camp is not something I ever experienced.

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