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Episode 32 | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye


032 | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye

April and Jen bring you up to speed on a busy holiday week here in the US: The second of three Jupiter/Pluto meet-ups; Mercury and the Sun join forces and sextile Uranus in Taurus; Saturn heads back to Club Capricorn; and we wave a goodbye sparkler at the last Cancer/Capricorn eclipse for 8 years: an Independence Day lunar eclipse. Plus: Flag cake, the Minnesota goodbye, helpful advice from the San Diego Zoo, and empty thought balloons!

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01:02 – April and Jen share Fourth of July memories. Flag cake not included. And please don’t run with sparklers!

02:04 – Jen shamelessly promotes the BSA podcast donation page.

05:06 – Santa Claus joins up with the God of Destruction Transformation for the second of three Jupiter/Pluto meetings in Capricorn (June 29/30). As we discuss their three conjunctions, Jen reads much more into April’s mind than is actually there… (To hear about the first conjunction, go to Episode 19, Jupiter Meets Pluto: Two Thumbs…Up? The third meet-up is on November 12.)

18:21 – The Sun and Mercury join up in Cancer (June 30). Here’s the NASA link. Oh, and do not look directly at the Sun! Or touch the hot primate statues!

20:57 – On June 30, the Sun and Mercury gently extend their claw-like pinchers to snatch some opportunities offered by Uranus in Taurus. Information, or perhaps flashes of inspiration, may come your way from an unexpected source… creative breakthroughs incoming! (Back episodes: For a review of sextiles, go to Episode 16, Let’s Talk about Sextiles. To hear more about Sun sextile Uranus, listen to Episode 13, Pisces Season: Gopher it! And for Sun/Mercury conjunctions, review Episode 24, Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers and Episode 14, Retrograde Minds, Cazimi Hearts, Can’t Lose. And here are April’s lovely books!).

24:02 – Saturn backs into Capricorn on July 1. As luck would have it, Saturn gathered some important intelligence during his brief preview of Aquarius, and now returns to the mountain for reinforcements. Listen, everyone: It’s final exam time. (Learn about Saturn in Aquarius in Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together. Learn about Saturn turning retrograde in Episode 24, Scorpio Full Moon & Lunar Nodes for Grasshoppers.)

29:48 – ** Moonwatch**! The third and final eclipse of this season is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse (July 4/5) on the Sabian symbol for 14 Capricorn, “An ancient bas-relief carved in granite.” Are things carved in stone, or can they change? The Sabian symbol for the Sun on 14 Cancer is, “A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast.” Are we going to look to the past? Or, are we going to carve something new, something that will last, something that we can depend on? (To review the previous two eclipses, head on over to Episode 28, Eclipses and Nodes: Why be Mean when you can be True? and Episode 30, Cancer Solar Eclipse: You’re Buffering. And of course, for eclipses in general and in the houses, Episode 5, Unboxing Eclipses.).

37:26 – Past similar eclipses at this point were on July 7 2009, July 5 2002, and July 6 1982. What’s it all about?.

39:07 – Is this penumbral Lunar Eclipse visible where you live? Find out here..

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6 comments to " Episode 32 | Capricorn Lunar Eclipse: A Minnesota Goodbye "

  • Izabella Peregrino

    Dear April and Jen, thank you soooo much for your Podcast it really makes me giggle and even find myself singing “Moon Waaaatch” with the two of you (my husband thinks I’m crazy). You mentioned Pluto transits and Uranus transits in someone’s chart but I was wondering if (if it’s not too much to ask) what about Neptune transits ? Do you have an episode or any ressources you can recommend ?
    Thank you so much ladies for your beautiful work !
    Looking forward to next-week’s episode.

    • Jen Braun

      Hi Izabella!
      First of all, this is such a lovely comment – thank you for that!
      I wanted to let you know that April and I answer your question on next week’s podcast – episode 34 – which will be published Monday, July 13! In the meantime, you can check out episode 10 (Neptune and the Zen of Groundhog Day), and episode 29 (Neptune Washing Over All and the US Pluto Return).
      Hugs to you, and thanks for listening!
      Jen (& April) 😀😀

  • CarriB

    Very much enjoyed the podcast, interpretations and the way you weave In astrology lessons and reference past podcasts. Thank you!!

    • Jen Braun

      Thank you so much for listening, CarriB! April and I appreciate the kind comment… and the note about referencing past podcasts is helpful to know! 😀😀

  • Emily

    Hey!! Thanks for shouting out Canada’s birthday this week!!! Canada Day is all about fireworks (sparklers of course) and BBQ’s, or for my friends some will go camping (not me though LOL)
    No fancy fruit decorated cakes, but I am thinking I might start this tradition!
    Love you ladies!! xo

    • Jen Braun

      Hi Emily! Thanks for this note, for your continued fabulous GIFs, and for listening.
      And, if you want a good fruit tart recipe, let me know! 😉

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