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Virgo Full Moon: The Editor

Sometimes, it must be said, Virgo indulges in negative criticism; the world is full of faults and mediocrity, and Virgo’s inability to ignore these things can turn her into a cranky scold. But sometimes, Virgo criticizes because she is enraptured by a vision of greatness that lies only a few punctuation marks away….

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astrologyreadings5All about my astrology readings.


solarreturncvrWhat’s so special about your birthday? (Other than gifts, free-flowing cake, and more Facebook greetings than you can keep up with?) Astrologically, your birthday sets the tone for the entire year, until your next birthday. Within one day of your birthday each year, the Sun returns to the exact point in the sky where it stood at the time you first greeted the world. The chart for this moment, called a Solar Return chart,  is a kind of cosmic x-ray that shows us your entire year in a nutshell. Solar Return expert Mary Shea examines this important chart in this 40+ page report – only $14.95!

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By comparing the current positions of the planets to your birth chart you can gain a complete view of how best to prepare for challenges, meet opportunities, and stay grounded in a constantly-changing world. In Astrological Transits, you’ll learn how to make the most of good transits and harness and transform the energy of “bad” ones.

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    Signs Aren’t People

    When you read something like “Leo is magnanimous and outgoing,” your mind may immediately object that your August-born aunt is, in fact, shy and retiring. This is where the astrological skeptic proclaims victory and changes the subject. But allow me to gently reintroduce the topic….

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    Your Personal Sky

    Who are you, and what are you becoming? Personal readings and reports to help you navigate your own big sky.

    Astrology & Your Career

    What is your life’s purpose? Astrological tips and tools for building a meaningful career.

    Astrology & Your Wedding

    When is the best time to say “I Do”? Products and tutorials to help you decide!

    Learn to Speak Astrology

    Intrigued yet baffled by astrology? Tutorials, videos, books, and other resources to help you master the language of astrology.

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    Today's Lunar Aspects

    • Moon enters Libra at 4:53 pm, Mar.6, 2015
    • Moon sextiles Saturn at 2:47 am, Mar.7, 2015

    Next Eclipses


    • Mar 20, 2015, 29.27 Pisces
    • 2:37 am PDT / 5:37 am EDT
    • 9:37 am GMT
    • 8:37 pm AEDT

    • Apr 4, 2015, 14.24 Libra
    • 5:07 am PDT / 8:07 am EDT
    • 1:07 pm BST
    • 11:07 pm AEDT

    What will the eclipses mean for you?


    “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report. $35 for three years of eclipses!
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    “Sky Log” Report by Steven Forrest
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    Use your birthchart to market yourself! includes audio lecture and workbook
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