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Lunar Eclipse in Libra: You Were Asleep

Maybe that old break has completely healed – but I’ll bet if we looked closely we would detect the tiniest hairline crack, such as you might find on a vase that was broken and glued back together. It’ll never be the same as it was before the break. You’ll never be the same person you were before life and relationships happened to you; every person you’ve loved has left a hairline fracture….

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solarreturncvrWhat’s so special about your birthday? (Other than gifts, free-flowing cake, and more Facebook greetings than you can keep up with?) Astrologically, your birthday sets the tone for the entire year, until your next birthday. Within one day of your birthday each year, the Sun returns to the exact point in the sky where it stood at the time you first greeted the world. The chart for this moment, called a Solar Return chart,  is a kind of cosmic x-ray that shows us your entire year in a nutshell. Solar Return expert Mary Shea examines this important chart in this 40+ page report – only $14.95!

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    • Moon trines Mercury at 4:49 am, Apr.19, 2014
    • Moon trines Sun at 6:18 pm, Apr.19, 2014
    • Moon goes void of course at 6:18 pm, Apr.19, 2014
    • Moon enters Capricorn at 6:29 pm, Apr.19, 2014

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    • Apr 28, 2014, 08.52 Taurus
    • 11:15 pm PDT / 2:15 am EDT (Apr 29)
    • 7:15 am BST (Apr 29)
    • 4:15 pm AEST (Apr 29)

    • Oct 8, 2014, 15.05 Aries
    • 3:51 am PDT / 6:51 am EDT
    • 11:51 am BST
    • 9:51 pm AEST

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